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Stay away from soy?

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I hear that soy is really hard on the thyroid. After being treated for thyca, do most of you try to avoid soy? or does it not matter since we no longer have thyroids...
I'm just curious b/c I've been hearing such bad things about soy lately.
Any other foods to avoid?

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Some radioactive iodine guidelines suggest abstaining from 'soy lecithin' during the low iodine diet.

For those with goiters, rather than thyroid cancer, some thyroid diets suggest that soy is also considered a 'goitregen', that would stimulate goiter growth. Whether this would also suggest tumor cell growth, if any remain, I don't know.

When we take our hormones, there are some foods/items that need to be avoided for varying periods after ingesting our hormones, though. Calcium, soy, and certain types of stomach medications (ie ranitidine, losec, etc) can 'block' proper absorption of the hormones - guidelines vary, but in general if they are taken at least 2 hours after the hormone dose, they shouldn't bother us.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of soy, but I don't think it will affect our 'thyroid function' unless eaten right after we take our hormones, from my understanding. It will be interesting to hear if anyone has heard other ideas/suggestions on this.

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Great question. I found a webpage that did state that soy could interfere with thyroid meds.

Hope this helps. I love soy milk and tempeh. This has me rethinking that!!

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Here is a little clearer link on the soy/thyroid hormone issue:

Also, another alternative is to read the prescribing data with whichever thyroid hormone you are taking (ie synthoid):

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