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Can't tell anyone else

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I coughed up my first blood today. SCAREY! I don't want to worry my hubby and friends, so will keep this to myself until I see onc on Wed. I restart chemo next week. Have some things lined up to help with the diarrhea I usually get...naturopathic supplements and accupuncture.
Just hate seeing this very tangible sign of progression.

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I can certainly understand your need to keep this "quiet" for now. I am sure it is very disturbing to see this "sign of progression" as you put it. We are all with you, kiddo. Praying for your upcoming treatment. Hang in there...

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My prayers are with you. I am also praying that the blood may be caused by an infection or some other ailment besides cancer.



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Mary -

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Mary, sorry to hear this. Will be thinking of you and sending good vibes. Don't know waht it means, but I understand your concern


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Mary - I am sorry to hear this and know how scary it must be. I am happily married, but totally understand you not wanting to share with your husband or friends.

Good luck with your onc appointment next week. Maybe, it's not related to the cancer, but even if it is, hopefully the next chemo regimen will be the one to zap things! I'l be thinking of you.

Take care,

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This tugs at my heart. I am sending more hugs and prayers your way. I hope that you tolerate the chemo better.


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Oh, how scary for you. I can understand what an emotional thing that must have been. I'm hoping there might be an alternative explanation (irritation from cough or something). Good luck seeing the oncologist and also best of luck with the chemo restart. Thinking of you.

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I do bleed a lot through my nose while in chemo...it can be a lot of things...stay positive..
God bless

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my prayers are with you, dont assume the worst,be positive. i am a stage 4 survivor, i beat the beast and you will too.

praying for you

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You've got me in tears and shaken. How you're coping with so much calm is just unbelievable!

Please don't assume the worst and believe in healing.

Please please get the book by Dr. Andrew Weil "Spontaneous Healing". It's like a balm for any tired and wounded soul. I think you'll find it very uplifing. If you live in CA, I'd deliver on to your door right now, but alas, I can't.

Keep us posted on what the doc say.


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I LOVE that book too! Ying is so right.

Let us know what the onc says.

My prayers are with you!

peace, emily

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