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Hi and Happy New Year! Been reading here off and on but hubby has been struggling with chemo etc. Am wondering, my husband's cea level is checked monthly and it was decreasing steadily however it has stalled out for the last month or so. Is it normal to have this while still on chemo esp. since it had been declining steadily?

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What's his CEA level at this point? Monica

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Sorry it took me awhile:( His CEA was only 4.8 before and after surgery. MD stated either something was still wrong or else the cea would not be a good indicator for him. However a month after chemo,the numbers dropped by .9 and continued to do so for 3 months....MD then noted, the cea did appear to be an indictaor but after 3 months they have now stalled at 1.9...I know this is still within "normal" range but judging how his #'s moved and initially were only 4.8 with stage 3c...16/20 positive nodes.....I'm just thinking he really should be able to get below "1 ""if" there is nothing else lingering... trying to be optomistic but it took surgery and 3months of tx in order to see a change. For now we continue to pray. The Oxaliplatin had to be stopped and he's now on 1/2 of the 5-Fu dose...he was able to take 8 of 12 folfox tx's. Thanks for your interest and taking time to write! Very Appreciative,Ginny

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