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Last Two Months

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In August 2006 my right upper lobe was removed along with the tumors (2). After surgery it was determined that I had extensive small cell lung cancer to be treated by chemo then radiation of chest & brain.I finished my first round of chemo (12) treatments and was told that the cancer has spead to other parts of the body and the left lung. Radiation and surgery is out and now I am in the second round of chemo (2) treatments then a cat scan. I do not except to be cured or the cancer to regress. My question is what to except once I stop the chemo and the ending days.

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Bless you my friend. I had small cell in my entire right lung and was given less than two years of survival.

Now three years later CT and PET scans show no signs of anything left. I can't answer your question except to say there's always hope.


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I agree with Don, hang in there. There's so much hope, just look at all the survivors that are here in the website.

My prayers are with you... stay strong, you can fight this!!

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My advice is that with all the new treatments and drugs, that you start planning on being around for a while.

Stay positive,


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