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More rotten news and hospital fiascos

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Yesterday was a long day. First, an emotional trip to the attorney to finalize Mark's will. That was tough...

I met him later at the doctor. He may finally have an answer to why he's been so nauseas and having abdominal pains. Another new oncologist - third one in two months. With one touch to Mark's stomach he announced the cancer was invading his liver thanks to waiting so long for this damn trial.

I'm beside myself with guilt for not taking him to another oncologist sooner. I'm also in shock, sad as well as exhausted from the stress of it all.

Just when you think it can't get worse, he went to get a CT today, mandatory for the trial, and the machine was down. They sent everyone home! Without the scan there's a risk of him getting bumped. Many phone calls to the doctor, radiologist, nurses it's still not resolved. I don't know how much more stress he can take.

Sorry to bring everyone down. After all this mania, Mark still is stoic and, amazingly, has a sense of humor. He wants to survive. I'm praying for him and for all of you as well.

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I am keeping Mark and you close in my prayers.
I will be praying that the scan machine will be up and running soon and that Mark will get into the trial. Mark sounds like an amazing man, and he is very blessed to have you by his side.
God Bless-

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Hopefully things will turn around for you and Mark soon. Hang in there. It sounds like he has an amazing attitude. Make sure to take care of yourself as well. He is very lucky to have you supporting him.


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i am sorry to hear about all the stress you and mark are going through. please try to keep a positive attitude. i had mets to my liver and with chemo and the lord they are gone. i am ned and mark will be too, you just have to beileve and lean on the power of prayer.
i will be praying for you both
hugs lynn

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I can tell you from my own experience that getting the Will done for my family gave me a real sense that I have taken care of them and now I can focus on me whatever happens. Now the never ending waits for tests, doctors, and hospitals and those professionals who aren't. You're looking for answers, help, good news and hope they will come. You're in a battle that you don't want to be in and no one can tell you the obstacles or even the outcome. It drives you crazy and it is exhausting. My advice is understand the world, God, and and everyone isn't against you and yours. Although its easy to think so. Keep focus deal with problems so you can get what you want and that is to take care of Mark. Mark has all he needs someone who will do just that---you!

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your love, dedication and loyalty shows through all your posts..wish I was so fortunate to have a caretaker like you.. best wishes..

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Thanks to all. Mark got his CT today - right after a PET scan. That's a lot of radioactive drinks to swallow. After that he had a stress test and his pick line cleaned. That was a looonng day without food or water. He was feeling the nausea after the scans and though he hadn't eaten for hours, he couldn't do it. Composine words well for that. Wish him well on an ultrasound that is sceduled for tomorrow.

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