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My Dad

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My Dad was diagnosed with EC about 8 months ago, his surgeon suggested chemo/radiation and then surgery. He went for surgery 2 months ago and is still not home yet. The first surgery was not a success as the chemo and radiation "fried" his tissues and the re-attachment of his espohagus to his stomach was not healing and they had to do the surgery again. The day of the surgery the doctor found that the cancer has spread to 2 of his lymph nodes and removed them but we havn't been able to tell him yet as this will likely delay his recovery. He is being very strong and is determined to fight this but my mother and I are worried sick! It is difficult to see him every day as we are keeping medical information from him. I understand why but it's hard.

Just needing to talk, if anyone can give us any hope or at the very least 1 more person praying for my family that is all I can ask.

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