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The pain has been terrible, when will it end?

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I am a 30yr old gay male, who is also HIV+. Finding out that I had anal cancer after battling HIV for 9yrs was quite a blow, but I made it through. The tumor is completely gone and the pain has eased tremendously, considering. However, when standing I feel this terrible pressure, like gravity pulling at my anal area. This seems to be prolonging my agony. My surgeon seems to think that everything should be completely fine soon, I just need to hear from someone who has experienced this. How long can I expect this aching when standing to last?

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the Pain should go away soon. But it is not unusuial for you to keep feeling SOMETHING.... things have CHAINGED.... I also Know what it is like to find out that you have Cancer AFTER you have learned to live with HIV..... it's like **** what's else can go wrong! I wish I gould come up with some FAST dime store answers that will make it all go away, But I can't. I can say that things will get better and when they do go and enjoy the time you have..... I decided to jump out of an airplain, and a friend decided to scuba dive in the Fl Keys. Don't look to be better tomorrow BUT DO look forward to the time you do feal almost like your old self.

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