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A NEW Year

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It is my hope that others will find suport that they need, if one actually needs it. I remember getting my diagnosis after feeling let down by the medical community because I just happened to be healthier, better built physically and able to cope it seemed better than I should have been able to so they felt that diagnostic test were not warranted and to just keep an on the storm I mean the lump I had found in my own breast. Nothing about my cancer seemed to meet the criteria set out by the medical community and after all these years of my survival my mother tells me a story she says that sounds just like my own.
I am tired of hearing people say according to the information cancer is not suppose to hurt. I am so grateful mine was agony or quite frankly could I have gotten anyone to take me seriously. As it was I had to get deathly ill before tests were done and even then two doctors had the nerve to say the chances were still less than 10 percent. Maybe for someone who hasn't bathed in the chemicals I have in manufacturing industry or breathed in crap we should never have...
Cancer does hurt and it does exist even in those of us not yet showing those signs. Just means I know my better than anyone and know when I am truly getting sick and know in my soul that it is serious. I wished I would of pushed harder.
Now a friend who had skin cancer 7 years ago has gone without anyone feeling the need to check her spots that she hasn't known in her soul were just like the other ones. No one cared to biopsy them saying they were nothing to worry about until she threw a fit and wasn't leaving till they were off after almost 2 years. They were cancer once again... and now she too has fibrous cyst and has known lumpy breasts and now a lump growing in her armpit like mine and painful as hell. My own best friend has fought her way through the system because of me and still didn't get the care she needed. I can only pray that she will be spared and the courage and strength to face it all.

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