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High CEA

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Wednesday I went in for a CTscan, blood work, onc appointment and my 3rd chemo treatment.

The CTscan showed that the lesion in my liver grew and my CEA jumped from 666 to 1879 in just two weeks. FOLFOX was not working so I'm on FOLFIRI now. I can't have Avastin yet because I haven't healed from my semi colonectomy surgery yet.

Can your CEA fall as quickly as it increases? Those numbers are not very fun.


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I don't know the answer to your question, but I am praying that they do!

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It makes sense to me that the numbers can fall as quickly as they rise. And it is just a matter of time before you get onto Avastin. Just hang on! They will find the right cocktail for you. Monica

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Hi Anne,

I'm so sorry that the first regime didn't work. Like it was said, they will find the right one for you. I am sending out vibes that this one is working. It sounds like the CEA is a good marker for you. Everyone is different but yes it could go down quickly if this chemo is working. HUGS!

Lisa F.

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