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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Moesimo's picture
Posts: 1080
Joined: Aug 2003

Today is my 50th Birthday.

I say bring on those birthdays.

I am spending the day at the casino with my family. I hope I win.

For all the newbies I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer 3/17/03. I have had chemo, radiation, 3 surgeries, 11 hospitalizations and am NED. It has been a rough and rocky road, but I feel great. I work full time as a nurse. I never thought I would get better, but I did.

For all my CSN buddies who are still struggling with this terrible disease, I will say extra prayers for all of you.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me with this cancer journey.



Posts: 1961
Joined: Aug 2003

You are already a winner, darling. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Best wishes -- and I hope you win at the casino, too.

I'm 48. So many of my girlfriends are moaning about getting older (wrinkles, etc.). I am overjoyed to celebrate each birthday -- my own, and everyone elses too!

Happy Birthday!

kerry's picture
Posts: 1317
Joined: Jan 2003


Happy Birthday and congratulations for winning a valiant battle.

Yes, I too say "bring on the birthdays". One more birthday means one more year of winning! You are a winner...

My very best to you.



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Lisa Rose's picture
Lisa Rose
Posts: 595
Joined: Mar 2003

Happy 50th Maureen

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday, dear Maureen .....

Happy Birthday to you !

And many more. . . . .

Good luck at the casino today ~ maybe Kanort, Stacy or Scouty have some good gambling tips for you.

Have a Great Birthday

usakat's picture
Posts: 625
Joined: Jul 2006

Happy Birthday, Maureen!

Betsydoglover's picture
Posts: 1256
Joined: Jul 2005

Happy Birthday, Maureen!

Like you, I will never regret another birthday.


Posts: 484
Joined: Jan 2005

Happy Birthday!!


Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

Happy Birthday Maureen!
I'll be 50 the end of May and I agree fully. Bring on the birthdays. I'm already thinking about how to celebrate mine.
I hope you win at the casino and have a great day celebrating with your family.
Take care,

scouty's picture
Posts: 1976
Joined: Apr 2004


You go girl!!!!!! Have a great time and let us know how much you win!!!!!!!! I said a few words to the casino gods for you, hope it helps. If you lose money, I had nothing to do with it!!!

Have fun, Lisa P.

2bhealed's picture
Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

The Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

Here's to MANY more!!

peace, emily

spongebob's picture
Posts: 2599
Joined: Apr 2003

Happy Birthday, Maureen!!!

MANY happy returns of the day!


- SpongeBob

lfondots63's picture
Posts: 822
Joined: Jan 2006

Happy Birthday! They are very sweet now. Every day is sweet after being dx. Hope you did GREAT at the casinos. That would be a nice present. Enjoy!

Lisa F.

Posts: 553
Joined: Mar 2006


Just want to say Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is a very special day for you. You have lots to celebrate!!!


nanuk's picture
Posts: 1363
Joined: Dec 2003

thanks Maureen...happy birthday/new year. Hope you stick around to help all the newbies. Bud

valeriec's picture
Posts: 350
Joined: Oct 2006

Happy Birthday Maureen. Hope you win lots of money. My husband will be green with envy- as he has just a LITTLE gambling problem!! Have a great day.

jenalynet's picture
Posts: 363
Joined: Nov 2005

Wishing you all the best .. Happy birthday and many more to come..Hugs, Audrey

goldfinch's picture
Posts: 737
Joined: Oct 2003

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAUREEN! Welcome to the 50 club. I joined just this past July. May you have many more.
I agree with others. You have already won!

Kanort's picture
Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Hi Maureen,

Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you a great day with your family and was lucky at the casino.

You have been through a tremendous battle, but your testament gives hope to others.



kangatoo's picture
Posts: 2115
Joined: Feb 2004

Happy Birthday Maureen! As a nurse you are always an "angel".......luv Ross n Jen

JADot's picture
Posts: 720
Joined: Jan 2006

Hi Maureen:

Happy Birthday, and many many more!

You're a total inspiration!


Posts: 719
Joined: Feb 2005

Happy Birthday!
Hope you had an incredible day - and wishing you a wonderful year!!!
All the best - Maura

Moesimo's picture
Posts: 1080
Joined: Aug 2003

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. My BD is going to last all year. I am going to NYC in 2 weeks with some girlfriends and am planning a trip to Las Vegas in OCt. with my chldhood girlfriends. I did not win at the casino but I had a great time.


Posts: 708
Joined: May 2004

and many more! I agree with everyone else, you already won.. just hope you got some money at the casino. :)

Enjoy you day, year, decade.... as the years add on. I LOVE birthdays! :) jana

jsabol's picture
Posts: 1156
Joined: Dec 2003

Hi Maureen,
Sorry to have missed your birthday...we were helping my daughter move to Burlington, VT this weekend.
Hope you won big at the casino, but no matter, cause you are, ss others have said, a winner already. After all you have been through, I hope the celebrations are especially sweet! We'll have to meet up and celebrate in person again; stay strong! Judy

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