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Many questions carryover

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The link is actually on page 5 now.

Its been 3 days since his 2nd surgury. They found a kink in his small intestine (at the last surgery point) and a week since his first chemo. He is very weak. HE hasnt eaten anything since the 13th of december. I got him up this morning but you could tell he had a very hard time just sitting up.
I just got off the phone with him and he said hes feeling very weak. This is blowing my ******* mind. The man didnt even have a medical record before December. He was up and walking the 2nd day after his first surgury. Its like they found out he was too healthy. Well lets nail him with some chemo and do another surugry....that'll take it out of him.
I am feeling very vengeful

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Have you sought out a second opinion, for your own peace of mind?

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Douggie -

I have been away from theboard for a couple weeks and went back to read your original post after seeing this post. I didn't read the 39 replies so what I am going to tell you here may be a re-run. if it is, that should tell you something.

I guess my first question is, based on your desrciption of the draconian doc and hospital, What third-world country are you presently living in? Sounds like you are subscribed to a crappy socialized medicine plan or something. Find another doc ASAP and get your dad the hell out of where he is. There are so many people on this board from so many different places, no doubt you would be deluged with recommendations.

I amnot a doctor, but starting someone on chemo 9 days after surgery does NOT sound like standard protocol. Telling someone that they have 6-12 months is just shi##y bedside manner, and the line about getting a second opinion and not wanting to listen to another doc's recommendations is flat out BS - RUN away from this quack.

I don't blame you for being angry. Turn that anger into action.

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Douggie I to believe you should get him out of that crazy hospital before they kill him. My dad was in a bad hospital and I believe if he listened to me and changed hospital he would be alive today. Good Care makes all the difference in the world. I wish I didnt listen to my dad and took him to a different dr. he liked his Dr and I dont know why I beleive he would still be fighting this disease today if he went to a better dr. Mindy

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Hi Douggie,

If nothing else, have your dad tell them no more chemo until he is stronger. I assume he is still on IV's. Are the doctors able to tell you how long he will be on them? My mother in law was so sick and only on IV's at one time she lost all her hair from malnutrition in the hospital. She is still alive and runs circles around me now. Be his advocate and say NO MORE. He needs to get some strength back before they bombard him again. If you can get him up and better, then you can get him out of that hospital and to another doc for another opinion. One thing at a time. Like SB said, use the anger. HUGS to you and dad!

Lisa F.

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Well its been over 3 weeks now. He was supposed to be out of the hospital before Christmas. The oncologist came in this morning and was going to discuss chemo again. Everyone felt it would be a bad idea until he starts having bowel movements and is a little stronger.

I stayed with him again lasntight. @ 2:30 he felt real nausiated and vomited. I noticed his NG was turned off. They tried to say it was for medicine. Which was BULL because they arent giving him anything orally. Although everyone is denighing it one of them turned it off at about 7pm and it was off for over 7 hours.

At 7:30 am I was told the surgeon would be in shortly. I waited until 9 am and he never showed. They keep telling other family members that everything is on track....well if that were the case he would have been home at Christmas. As far as the latest surgury goes he would have been having bowel movements over the weekend.

My father is against being moved. I have a feeling its because hes so weak. Once he is better Im going to talk to him about making a change.

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