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lymph nodes by lung

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Need help AGAIN, had an appt yesterday to review new CAT scan and there is a lymph node next to the lung. My husbands mets have been in the liver. It is about 2cm big, any ideas about this? I did the big freak out, doctor put my husband back on oxiplatin with the xeloda and avastin and feels that this will stop the growth or at shrink the tumors. I am confused with it being next to the lung.

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Do you know what they mean by next to the lung? I'm assuming they are talking center close to where the esophagus passes. If that is the case it is possible that it is accessible by a scope.


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I'm confused...is an enlarged lymph node necessarily a tumor?

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all I remember is that it is by the aorta, I was so shocked that I thought he said two nodes, but my husband said it is one. I am pretty freaked out

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Hi Sandy,

Like Vinny said, maybe ask exactly what they mean. There are lymph nodes all over the body. My father had some that were constricting his vocal cords at one point because they were swollen. I sounds like the doctor is talking about outside of the lung. Sending good vibes your husband's way that the chemo shrinks the lymph node. HUGS. I'm sure others will respond soon too.

Lisa F.

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