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Firstly I would like to wish everybody a wonderful, healthy, exciting new year. And then I would like to know if anybody has used gemcitibane to treat mets. Long story, dx oct 2004, surgery, unresectanle liver mets, now lung mets also. Have been through the folfiri, folfox, avastin , erbiotux and most recently xeloda programmes. Last scan show activity and that xeloda was doing nothing. So have been advised that next step is weekly transfusion of gemcibitane. Are there any alternatives that people have used(Chemowise). Anything I google seems to indicate its use mostly for pancreatic, lung, breast cancer. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Goldfinch, sorry to hear that your lung mets ahve increased, but happy to hear of no liver involvement.


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Hi Margo - Happy New Year and I am so sorry that you are researching another chemotherapy. I have never heard of this new form. Maybe it is used more at specific cancer centers or teaching hispitals? All the best to you. You sound like you are in good spirits and I hope that continues! Take care and best of luck. I am sure someone else will have some info for you - Maura

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Hi Margo, so sorry to hear that you are off on yet another Chemo mix. I have very hopeful thoughts that this lot will be the one that does the trick for you.

Always in my thoughts.
Love Virginia.

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Hi, I am not sure of its availablitliy yet but just recently read in Cure magazine about a new drug FDA just approved for metastatic colon ca called Vectibix or Vectibux sp? I have not even tried to look it up yet but maybe it is another option. Take care.


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Hi, Margo -

Happy new year to you as well. I have heard of gemcitibane, but can't give you any info. I don't know if Bevacizumab or Cetuximab are approved in the UK, but there have been promising results from these two - or the combination of both - reported in the US where they are approved for second and subsequent lines of treatment for patients with metastatic colon cancer.

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


- Bob

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Thanks for your replies. I have been treated with both those drugs, Spongebob and they worked for a while, but then failed. Avery, I think that the one you mentioned will be availabe in ireland soon. Doing trials at the moment. Foxy and Maura, thanks for nice thoughts.


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