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This is MichaelaMarie, aka Keelie

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Hello everyone! I've had major computer problems, so had to re-register with CSN, as I lost all of my settings, etc. I had to use a different name and e-mail address also. So, I wanted all of my friends to know that I am now officially Keelie, for this site. I'm doing okay, will probably know more tomorrow, if I keep my doctor appointment. (Don't want to). I pray that you are all doing well. I think that the winter months make it so much harder for us emotionally, don't you? I sure hope to hear from each of you. Please take good care everyone, MM aka Keelie

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I also responded to your reply on my last post. Where will I find your new e-mail address?

My prayers are with you that your visit with your doctor will be positive. Yes, these cold, dark days do take it's toll on our emotions. But there are some days I like to be cuddled up inside with my family, eating popcorn and watching a good movie. So, I guess there's always a 'bright' side to 'dark days'.

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Hey MM, aka keelie. Where does keelie come from. And I guess I have never asked is your first name Michaela Or Marie or neither? LOL

Sorry to hear about the computer problems and glad to have you back posting. Wow your Dr is on top of your rising numbers. The anxiousness of the wait can be a bit much - hoping for steady or lower number this time for you.

I had mine done in December and it will be 5 weeks before I know how high the next jump is. Not sure what the Docs will do but do know they are trying new things all the time.

I agree with Monika about the short dark days being harder on a person but it is great if you can take advantage of them. The popcorn and movie with family sounds like a wonderful thing to do.

I will add your new name to my favorites also and be watching for your post after your appoiintment today... of course you will keep it... do I need to come there and take you myself?

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

Posts: 98
Joined: Jan 2007

Thanks Bonnie for the encouragement! Keelie is my cat's name! LOL When Dana, from CSN, said I would need another 'user name' I just couldn't think of anything, and I happened to look down at my little cat that was pestering me (she hates when I am on the computer - isn't that funny?) Anyway, that was my inspiration. You guys can all still call me MM, but will need to address posts and e-mails to "Keelie". MM is both first and middle name - combined. I hope you can locate an e-mail I sent you a couple of weeks ago......I told you all about our vacation. If not, let me know, and I will try it again. I'm pretty scared this morning to get the results....every three months would be so much easier on me, but for now it has to be every month! Thanks for caring, all of you. MM

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MM, I am so sorry, I addressed one of my notes to you as your cat! GADS!! I think all this medical stuff gets in your brain and pushes everything else out. So sorry, I 'll have to send an extra hug...Cindy

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