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Cat scan shows significant growth in all lesions on the lungs. No spread to the liver though. That's my good news.
I will be resuming chemo in 2 weeks. I plan to stop most of the naturopathic supplements. Not only did they not stabilize things, but the lesions grew even more than when I was on nothing. I plan to continue the diet changes I've made. I think those are healthy for me.
Trying to stay positive. Keep me in your prayers.

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I am sooo sorry to hear about the growth and will pray that the chemo treatment(s) will begin their magic.

Keep us all here updated

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I am sorry. What chemo will you be starting/resuming? Is radiation an option? The fight is nowhere near ending! Try to keep your spirits up. The bad news can really zap you emotional well being. Keep us posted.

Go out and rent every funny movie you love. I think laughter is a great medicine. jana

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i'll be resuming folfox (except I get the 5fu IVP instead of in the fanny pack because I tolerated it very poorly pre surgery for the initial rectal lesion).
The folfox was working but caused my liver studies to go up. We've decided to let them go up, up, up if it's working.
I have too many lesions to use radiation. And they were too small initially. My biggest one now is 2.5X1.7. It might be big enough, but I think I'll go with the chemo first, since I'll have to do it anyway for the multiple others. You have always given me hope, from day one. Thank you.

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im sorry about the news, please dont let this get you down, keep your head up and keep fighting.god will always win over anything. i will be praying for you, and please pray as well.things may look gloomy right now but this is just one of the battles you may have to lose to win the war. my prayers are with you sweetie and never give up.

hugs lynn

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Mary - the fact tha there is no spread to the liver is wonderful news. Is there any possibility of a lung resection? Monica

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Oh Mary, so sorry to hear this. Like others said at least it didn't spread. Keep fighting. This time the chemo might be just the thing. HUGS and sending good vibes your way.

Lisa F.

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I am so sorry to hear about the growth in lung lesions, but very happy to hear about the clean liver.

I will keep you in my prayers for this chemo to start working right away, and that you will tolerate it better this time around.

Glad to hear that you are sticking with the diet changes. I believe the diet changes have helped my mom a great deal.

Keep fighting-God Bless,

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you are on my prayer list.. Bud

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The no spread news is very good indeed. The chemo should get rid of the lesions. Hang in there and keep the faith. I will be htinking of you and sending positive energy your way.

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I hope you see this.

As always you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am sending big hugs your way.


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