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Bad naseau with any eating - what is this??

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Mark over the past three weeks is becoming naseus after eating anything and everything. This, of course, makes him not want to eat. He literally is forcing himself and he's lost more weight, something he can't afford to lose. He though in the beginning he had the stomach flu - several of his friends had it. Now it's been three solid weeks of this.

Has anyone had any symptoms like this? He has not been vomiting, he's just miserably uncomfortable and I'm sure anxious. He's also got a back that is killing him. I wasn't tying the two together and have make an appointment for an accupunturist. Now I'm wondering if he should see a gasteroenterologist.

I sure everyone's thinking "why doesn't he go see his doctor?" Well, his two oncologists have just brushed this off. Do they know something that don't want to disclose? Of course Mark's first thought about any pain anywhere is that the cancer has spread.

Good news - last MRI showed NO cancer in his spine! Gotta have some good news every once in a while. Eager to see other's thoughts on this mysterious ailment.

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his symptoms are really unusual, and I can sympathize with you regarding the Onc's attitude-I think they get so many complaints and questions from patients surfing the web that they have difficulty budgeting their time with the patient, and therefore don't adequately answer very real complaints.
Have you tried smoothies? They can be nourishing and you can digest them easier..
Obviously something is causing the back pain and nausea; esp.if he didn't have those symptoms before. What happened 3 weeks ago other than the flu? Did he have the back pain with the flu?Have you done labs? Is he dehydrated? I've had severe back/joint pain since using Avastin, but in my case it's difficult to relate the two because I've had back problems most of my life..
If it were me, I'd start with my primary GP and let him/her refer to a specialist if needed..

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What are you doing about the back pain? Got the best accupunturist, yoga instructor (Larry Payne) and chiropractor (Dr. Nick Morris) lined up here in L.A. Gotta get rid of the nausea.

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heavy Rx pain meds.

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My oncologist always tells me that if I notice anything that lingers for more than 3 weeks to give her a call. She for some reason has come to the conclusion that if it is "nothing", it will resolve on it's own in that time period. I agree, I would take him to a regular GP. They can order tests too you know. Maybe a different vantage point would be a good thing.
Maybe it is something completely unrelated to the cancer, but not eating and all that are not things that should be allowed to just go on and on.
Good luck,

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Hi Musiclover:

I am sure nausea is a symptom of something, so it's best to get it looked at. If nausea is keeping Mark from eating, that in itself is damaging, as seen from the weight loss. I think - maybe I am just optimistic - that oncologists should be extremely careful with reports of weight loss. So as much as you're annoyed with the onc, I think a visit is in order. Good luck to Mark and Mark!


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Could be some long lasting flu???? I remember when my Dad got a flu he had it and couldn't kick it for several weeks.
I've heard ginger works for nausea. They have ginger chews, candies, gum...maybe that will help.
Good luck and let us know how everything goes.
Stay positive!!!!!

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That's what I'm thinking, and hoping - that it's a bug and his very compromised immune system is taking forever to kick it. He had bronchitis for ages and was hacking up green goo so fiercly I was sure it was the cancer in his lungs taking over. He does have liver mets so this was very scary and his oncologist was so blase about it. Incredibly it went away but it took weeks and two rounds of antibiotics to do the job. Thanks for your input.

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I agree with the others. He should be looked at. I know that he is on a specific diet but maybe for the time being he should eat whatever takes his fancy. It is not good that he continues to loose the weight. It is like a snowball going downhill. Not feeling like eating, loosing weight, get depressed so not eating... you get the drift. I would say that instead of worrying which can make it worse, get him seen by someone. I agree that oncs see so many patients that something this minor can get brused aside. I have had it happen to me too. You don't want to let it go and have it get really serious. HUGS to you and Mark. Please keep us posted.

Lisa F.

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I hope that Mark is better by now.
I had the same thing happen to me during treatment. Nothing tasted good and I couldn't eat if I wanted to. I had no appetite nothing appealed to me. I got so I couldn't even swallow. I lost 9 lbs in one week and 20 in less then a month.I couldn't have tretment cause of low blood counts and the onc sent me for a cat scan and to the gastroenterology office.
Didn't seem to be a reason for it all other then treatment. Once I was taken off oxaliplatin and then stopped treatment I was fine. It was such a good feeling to be able to eat again and drink cold beverages that I went a little overboard with the fraps and with what ever else tasted good and gained all the weight back and more. So now I have to cut back get into walking or some actiity and get back into shape and loose weight...
Take care and know that everyone is thinking of you guys and praying for you too...

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