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Cost of chemo (!)

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I'm about to start FOLFOX plus Avastin for a planned 12 round (6 months). I am also about to start 'negotiations' with my insurance company. I am living overseas and don't have a good sense of what the cost is in the US, Canada and other countries. I'd be very grateful if others might be willing to share this information. I realize some might feel uncomfortable discussing a sensitive issue like money. If you prefer to send me an email (via this site) that wd be great. The last 2 times I had chemo, I had it in a university teaching hospital. But my oncologist has now gone into private practice, and I want to follow him - -which means private hospital. I have to have the FOLFOX in hospital (3 days, 2 nights). The rough costing I have been given (including FOLFOX, Avastin, hospital for 3 days, and doctor's fees) is about US$11,000 per cycle. Very interested in how this might compare with others and grateful for any input.

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Hi Tara,

Here's a link to a Canadian pdf that details the cost of FOLFOX4 (on page 4). Good luck with your treatment.



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The amount your were quoted doesn't sound too awfully far off. I used to look at my charges for reimbursement, and it was between 20 and 25K per month (two sessions). Best of luck to you - with everything. Take care - Maura

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I just went through 4 rounds of chemo here in Bend, Oregon and it cost $6300 per cycle. I hope that helps...Mark

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Hi Tara,

My last chemo treatment was Oct 2004 with your exact regime I think (oxilaplatin with leucovorin, 5FU bolus, avastin, and then a 5FU 46 hour continuous drip). My insurance company paid almost $18,000 (I did the outpatient treatment) with a home nurse unhooking 2 days after 8 hours at the infusion center.

Seems like the costs have come done since then. Ask for a specific breakdown (Oxilaplatin was 3 times the cost of Avastin when I had mine).

Hugs and Happy New Year to you!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Just in case you don't remember the prices I told you before, my dad did oxy, avastin,5-Fu, xeloda and i think it was around $4000-$4500 per time. Every two weeks, so around $9000 per month.
Dad's CEA is rising slowly. Looks like recurrence to me. I hate this beast.


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I'm in Canada and the chemo is covered by my health care, but the Avastin has not yet been approved in Canada so I have to go to a private clinic. The cost is approx. $1,700 per treatment for a total of $3,500/mth. Monica

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I had folfox with avaston. 5FU was administered with a bolus (spelling?) and then sent home with a 48hr pump which I flushed and disconnected myself. Without pulling out the paper work, I'm guessing the bill was around $12000 per treatment.

I always ask myself the same question when I see a hospital bill. That bill is my copy, but what did the insurance company really pay? I bet it wasn't $12000. My Oncologist charges $270 for a port disconnect and flush, I think. I wonder if I should have sent my insurance company a bill for doing all my own flushes...I know I would have settled with %50.

Jokes aside, hope this is helpfull,


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Thank you all for your replies. This is very helpful.

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