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Lost job today; scan on Friday

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Well, it happened. My position was eliminated thanks to the crappy economy in Michigan at this time. And get this? My employer wants me to do some of my work from home and bill them. Uh, I don't think so.

Anyway, so now I'm looking for work and I have a CAT scan on Friday to make sure the beast isn't lurking anywhere. I'm looking forward to the berry-flavored motor oil. MMmmmmm. Yummy.

All that and my son is being shelled and mortared on in Iraq. I need a lift. Any ideas?

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A nice glass of wine sounds really good. I'd suggest a bottle, but we need to watch what we put in our bodies. I am so sorry to hear that your new year is starting it out on the rocky side, but I'm sure it will get much better. I will pray that your son is safe and sound and that your c-scan will come back clear. Meanwhile, I hope that you can find a job that you love. My experience as an HR professional is that sometimes we are forced out of our secure space but usually end up in an even better place. Best of luck to you, Monica

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When it rains, it pours. Just wrote a song about this - life is all about surviving the downs until the ups come around again. I'm sending positive thoughts that 1) the job loss is a blessing in disguise and something bigger and better is on the horizon 2) the CT is free and clear and 3) your son will remain safe and will be coming home soon.

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I am sorry that you lost your job, but there is always a reason for everything. There is something better for you around the corner. To lift your spirts, I agree, run very warm bath water, light lots of scented candles, use your favor bubble bath and soak away

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Hi Patrusha,sorry to hear the news,but I agree with the others that something better is coming your way,in reference with your job, and all of us will be praying for your scan to be clear, and that your son will be safe in Iraq. Lots of hugs

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I think I would go ahead and do the work from home, and also do a JOB SEARCH from home and add that in when you bill them! (of course don't tell them you did it). You can just be like, well, it took me 10 hours. 6 for them, 4 for you! Seriously. That is what I would do!
Anyway, I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with all this right after the New Year, but I guess there is never a "good time" to loose your job, etc. Are you still going to have your insurance for a while at least? I hope so.
As for your son, I just hope he gets out of there soon and stays safe in the meantime! How long have you been cancer free now?
Best of luck,
Susan H.

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I think it's true that the loss of a job often results in a positvie change. I know that was true for me several years ago. Look for something you love.
Sending positive thoughts re your cat scan.
I'm sending prayers for your son. May he be home safe and sound soon.

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Sorry to hear about your job. Im located in South West Michigan and Im a Mortgage broker so I deal with your pain almost daily. The county Im in has the highest foreclosure rate in the US (per capita).

Anyway, about your job. Working from home isnt a bad thing. Did they cap your hourly wage?

Speaking of Michigan, I started a link called MANY QUESTIONS. Its pretty far down...must be on page 3 or 4 now. Hope youre not dealing with the same hospital.

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Oh Patrusha,

I'm so sorry to hear about the job. I'm waiting for that shoe to drop for me too. I should know by the end of January if I will be one of the "cost cutting" measures. Sigh. Like someone said it is never a good time to loose your job. Who needs the stress? Definately not us. I am keeping your son in my prayers. Good luck tomorrow on the scan. I'm sure it will be fine (except for the prep). I'm also under the belief that when one door closes, another better one opens. HUGS and sending good vibes your way.

Lisa F.

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