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Big Progress for ME!

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Afternoon all:

O.k., ususally I am the upbeat uptempo cancer survivor who encourages everyone to run, walk, bike, swim, bowl, golf, crochet..whatever it takes to keep or get moving. But 8 years post-cancer, after being doctored to death(almost literally at times LOL-as anyone who has experienced chemoradiation knows)- I had to face the fact that I needed to see a regular Dr. Oh sure, I go back for my colonoscopies as scheduled, but had left my oncologist because I was considered cured and truthfully didn't want any more CT Scans 6 years post-cancer. But within the last month I had found a small lump under the skin of my neck. I was not really terrified or anything, but my onc's Office would not see me for a new complaint and I didn't really have a regular Dr. (a blessing and a curse of being extremely healthy...except for cancer!). Literally, I have not had an illness or injury in the last 8 years, except cancer, which has required medical intervention. After some consternation...and a bit of dread...I got into the local practice where my family goes. Had my exam yesterday (I hate giving them all of my medical background...rectal cancer is a humbling disease), and I have a small blocked sweat gland under my skin which requires no treatment...but I am going back for routine bloodwork later and happily have met a pleasant new Dr. who hopefully I will see infrequently until her retirment (she is a year younger than I am at 43). Lesson learned for me...get over the dread of the medical field and deal with things...I did it once to survive cancer and can do it again. My wife was very proud of me...I was proud of myself. I know for some of you seeing Dr.s is easy. It is not for me, and I always feel like I am somehow failing tests. conquered that fear for now. All my best! (BTY: ran 7 miles on New year's Day averaging 7 minutes a mile..not bad for 44). Keep living every day survivors.

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You seem to echo the folowing quote that hangs in my doctor's exam room - thought I would share:
" Exercise is the closest thing we'll ever get to the miracle pill that everyone is seeking. It brings weight loss, appetite control, improved mood and self-esteem, an energy kick and longer life by decreasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, and chronic disabilities."

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Hi Runner -

I so know how you feel! I do have a regular physician, but when I see my internist I feel like it is all some giant "test" that I might not have studied enough for and that I might fail! Oddly, I see my oncologist and GI doc with no problems. But somehow when my primary care doc draws blood, I worry and when he takes my BP it is always higher than at my oncologist, gynecologist, at home or even at my eye doc's!

Stay well!

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That's funny because I am the opposite. I do not worry about going to any "normal" doctors. I only get all freaked out about my tests. So I know how you feel RunnerZ, although I am only 1/2 as "far out" from cancer as you are, I keep wondering when I will stop being nervous about it. I figured it was probably never, but hopefully it does get better over time!
Thanks for sharing that story,
Susan H.

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Big progress is right! I am glad the lump turned out to be no big deal.

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