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Social Security Disability

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Has anyone applied for this that has Stage IV colon with liver mets that are inoperable? My husband is stable and doing good but he is going to retire early @ 54yo, he went on line and looked up the social security website and he appears to meet the qualifications on paper. We thought we would hear from those of you who may have actually applied.


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sounds like your husband and mine are in the same situation. He also is 54 and is stage IV with inoperable lung mets, and also is doing well and stable. I would be interested in the replies also. I am about to look on the website and see what his options are. Gald your husband is stable. Keep up the good fight
aka "the English Chick"

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I did 1 1/2 years ago when my company's short term disability was expiring and I had to decide whether to keep healing on long term disability (early retirement) or go back to work. I chose to keep healing and had to apply for SSD. I called my local office and scheduled an interview. After the interview, they sent me some forms that I filled out and some to take to my oncologist. I was also considered stable at the time with inoperable mets in my liver and lungs but my health was improving every month.

I have no idea what my onc wrote but it worked like a champ. I qualified easily and even got some backpay money from them!!!! I was prepared to be turned down and when it was so easy (other then taking them 4 months to notify me), I actually called my oncologist and asked him if there was something he wasn't telling me.

I also have to say I have paid in my share to the social security pot for 35 years, many of which were the maximum amounts and that may have had something to do with it, but I hope not (ever the optimist).

I applied in July of 2005 and recieved my first check the end of October. I am still getting them but am preparing to go back to work now that I have been NED (no evidence of disease) awhile.

The bottom line to qualify is "can you perform the job you had?". I have to tell you that part of me felt like I was giving into the ******* cells when I retired early and applied for SSD, but 6 months later when I started getting good news, I realized the disablity pay allowed me to fight smarter and harder then I ever would had I been working. For a year, my health was my fulltime job and so far it has worked out great for me!!!!

There are some other things I can tell you but not on this public forum, look for an email.

Lisa P.

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Hi! I have a friend who recently underwent a liver transplant (about a year ago) and he's now concerned he may lose his SSDI and medical disability from the state because he's putting on weight and feeling better. (He still has a shunt he has to flush daily). I can't even imagine this happening, he still fatigues easily, etc. But he's a worrier. Any information on a liver transplant patient being taken off disability? He has many years of work history and is eligible for normal retirement in less than two years. I'm happy you are doing well and wish you continued success with your new job, your health!
Bobbie (bheels@hotmail.com)

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Hi, English Chick,
When was your husband diagnosed? Is he still working? My husband has cut down and works 3-5 days a week, usually 4 days. He owns his own small business and has the luxury of scaling back and his employees have pitched in and looked after things. He feels pretty good, just would get really tired working a full time job. PS, I love England, lived there for 4 years.
Take care

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husband diagnosed Sept 02, pre sugical chemo/radiation, sugery Feb 03, post op chemo for 6 months NED for 2 years then in May 05 mets to lungs. Was working all through the different treatments, but July 06 the person he worked for retired and so that pushed him into disability, as at that time he was having chemo every other week and the week inbetween erbitux and 3 daily shots of Neuprogen (sp) so how could he look for work with that type of schedule his old boss just work with him, was a sweetheart. So hopefully that fills you in on his journey

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you might also post your question to the Insurance forum on this site..

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I had to go through this process because when I was diagnosed I was working part time and had a very, very limited health insurance plan. Now I am trying ot transition from SS Disability back to the working world, and you'd think I'm the first person to ever try this. Anyway, if you have any questions about the application process, I *might* be able to offer some insight. I can only tell you about my experiences. Feel free to send me a CSN email.


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Hello Sandyjig
we live in Northern California about 30 miles north of SF. My husband has been on Disability now for almost 6-months, so he would like it converted to perm. disability as his normal line of work is a Carpenter and can be demanding. He also has a permanent colostomy which can be trying at times. So I still do not know if he will qualify for the permanent disability but we can only try. He also has paid into the system almos 40 years now. I know he needs to keep busy, but he tires easily and still has some neuropathy issues from oxip. so I will keep you posted on his journey
aka "The English Chick

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My husband was dx'd in Sep 05. He was a jet engine mechanic in the Air Force for 21 yrs and had retired. He was working for a commercial airline when dx'd.
We didn't know we were eligible for SSD at first. Went 6 months without. Social worker at hospital told us! Like scouty, got appointment with local ss office, filled out forms, took some to onc and within a couple of months they started sending checks.
Turns out he can't work on airplanes on morphine... kinda' makes you feel a little better about aviation administration, huh!?
Anyway, you can email me if you need more info. Good luck and God Speed!

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Hi everyone,
I am interested in hearing what everyone finds out about applying for disability.
Temporary disability ran out in October. I am stage IV and in remission right now. I was terminated from my job as a preschool teacher last May. There is no way that I can go back to it. It is way too physical for me. I saw my onc today for the first time after having scans and was surprised to find out that he wants me to do 2 more sessions of chemo. He agreed that I cannot work at this time and is willing to sign the paperwork.
Please share any information that you have!

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Hi Jamie,

You can go online and sign up for long term disability (it's a process of many forms and patience is required) or you can look up the number in your phone book (under US Government, Social Security Association) and call them. I got to talk to some very nice, knowledgable, and helpful folks. I hope you experience the same.


Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Lisa P.

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Hi I know a little about SSD. I was actually forced into applying by my long term insurance company. I was about to return to work (like 2 months down the line) and tried to get out of applying for ssd. well i couldnt so i went ahead with it knowing i was about to rtn to work. thank the good Lord that i did, it helped out tremendously as I rec'd a retro pay for approx a 2 yr time frame of being out of work and was actually told that i qualified over the phone because of the "Liver" involvement and the gentleman i spoke to told me i could remain on ssd until retirement I am 35 yrs old. I did however return to work on a part time basis and ssd paid the diff as if i were working full time, i also was able to do what they called a trial to work after being on ss for 9 mos. if no problems and i continued to work they considered that gainful employment and my case would be closed however if i was not able to continue work ssd would pick right up and i wouldnt have to go back through the filing process. about 2 wks before my 9 month trial to work period was over i had a reoccurrence and left work immediately for another liver surgery but ss picked right up and i am thankful it was all in place. i do plan on going back to work in future and knowing the trial to work period exist is a relief to me. Good luck. oh by the way i was st 4 colon with liver mets but had colon resection and liver resection x2 and was stable and returning to work when i was approved.

Take care,

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i am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor, i am currently getting disability. i applied last year and got it immediately. it is good, because it is monthly income. they have a new thing now called the 9 month work trial phase, where you can work for 9 months as much as you want and still continue to get your full disability, it is to see if you are able to go back to work. i have found that after 9 months of trying to get to full time status that i just get to tired. so i will only be working part time now. i am now able to make 900 dollars a month and it wont effect my disability, it may depend on what state you live in so make sure you check on your state guidelines. i am from indiana.hope this helps
god bless

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I'd like to add an additional note. After recieving disability for one year you are automatically enrolled into medicare, regardless of age.

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