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Sister's first scan

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My sister had her first scan since beginning treatment (Avastin, 5FU, FOLFOX) and got what I consider to be good results delivered this am. The imaging showed stablization or slight reduction in all the metastases, and her blood tests were much improved. We are elated that there is a response, even if slight. Her doctor told her that it "wasn't the best report, but wasn't the worst." She's continuing with her 4th treatment today. Her scans will be after every 3rd treatment (every 6 weeks).

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Hello Mosue -

Be happy about the stabilization / improvement. It sounds like things are doing OK and that's good news.

Take care,

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Hi Mosue,

I would say this should be taken as something good. You should tell your sister this also. Sometimes it takes longer to really see results. HUGS and hope this is a continueing trend.

Lisa F.

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