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Avastin after surgery

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I have a quick question. My oncologist is wanting to add avastin to FOLFOX for 4-6 months after surgery. I have read the possible side effects and the wound reopening freaks me out a bit. How long did any of you wait between surgery and starting avastin??? I know it says the minimum time is 28 days. Is that remotely long enough???

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My husband just had his first Avastin treatment on Dec. 27th. He had his colon and liver resections on Oct. 21st. His doctors said they wouldn't give it to him before 8 weeks after surgery. They wanted him to be as close to fully healed as possible. Hope this helps,

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most Drs want at least 6 weeks after surgery because Avastin does interfere with healing..I'd wait.

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My husband had surgery 12/23/04 -huge vertical incision -had colon resection and liver resection and liver ablation..they waited 6 weeks for avastin to start (started other chemo sooner). I know they were mainly concerned with "getting" the cancer. John was Stage IV. He was very careful with rehab but he got very little guidance on it though -they kept saying-"Don't worry". Well in July 05 we realized he had an incisional hernia--it is quite large--limits his exercising and all of his lifting. Why? no one is sure...but he is now with weekly chemo of irinotecan and erbitux so he is unable to have the hernia repaired. I would definitely recommend that you work with a physical therapist if you have a large incisional site. Good luck.

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Hi Kiesten: I had surgery on January 20 and started chemo February 28th. I was given Avastic about 6 weeks after that because I was on a clinical trial that started the Avastin on the third cycle. So, after 10 weeks, I ended up with an infection within two weeks of the infusion. I asked to try one more time in case it was not the Avastin, and I ended up with another infection within three days of the infusion. They had to discontinue Avastin at the time, but 10 months later, I'm back on it, and fingers and toes crossed, so far so good. That was me, hopefully that will not be your case. Monica

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Hi Kiersten -

I was diagnosed Stage IV in late May 2005. I had my colon surgery June 7, 2005. We waited 6 weeks to start chemo (Xeloda,oxaliplatin, Avastin). My first treatment we only did Xeloda and oxaliplatin. We waited one more week to add Avastin (just because my doc did not want to "damn three drugs at once" if there was some reaction. So, it ended up with Avastin 7 weeks after surgery. It never caused me any problems and appears to have been effective.

Good luck,

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I had a colon resection in March 05, diagnosed with Stage III w/lymph node involvement. I was on a 1 year clinical trial on Avastin. They waited 1 month to start the Avastin.

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