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Hi everyone. Happy New Year. Sorry to complain.
As I read everybodys messages and feel for each and everyone of you. As you know from my previous
messages I have been incapacitated with my back due to spinal compression fractures. I am currently home, severely depressed. During the months on November and December I was hospitalized and had undergone many MRI'S and Cat scans which revealed the compression fractures as well as it picked up enlarged lymphnodes in the aorta area(multiple pathological as described by radioligist). The last test I had was the petscan which only revealed the 3 compression fractures.
Nothing about the lymph nodes. I saw my oncoligist last week who stated he still is concerned about the lymph nodes being enlarged at 2 cm and is puzzled that the petscan did not pick it up. The petscan was combined with a catscan and I drank the contrast. He wants to do a repeat
MRI in about a month. I am beside myself. I cannot take all of this no more. Fractures, enlarged lymph nodes, being home, incapacitated,
depressed, anemia. Now I have to get this stuff called ZOMETA it is used with pt's who have myleoma. This stuff has alot of side effects and now I am creating anxieties over this new drug.
My spine is very soft due to osteoporosis. Need
support. Fran

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Hi Fran,

Sorry to hear you are still in pain, and having problems. I guess your onc is just being very careful, wanting you to have a repeat on the scans. I never heard of the medicine you are taking... or the side effects. I hope you continue to be strong, and get well. I know its probably very depressing with all you have gone thru. But try to just hang in there, and don't give up hope. Your scan was clear, and your next one will be too. Take care, and I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Your friend in PA

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Dear Fran,

Sorry to hear of your continuing difficulties. the Zometa is a drug which slows down the reabsorption of bones. In other words, our body is constantly reworking our bones and when one gets osteoporosis the old bone material is being reabsorbed faster than the new bone material is being laid down thus making the actual bone weaker. The Zometa is similar to the drug I had mentioned earlier that you should talk to your doctor about so it should help make the bones stronger or at least slow down the weakening. As far as the lymph nodes go there may not be any good answer. Perhaps you will need to ask your oncologist directly if he thinks they are cancerous and if so, is there anything else to be done rather than just waiting.
If you have a port maybe they could give you a continuous infusion of morphine like I had after surgery. That way you get a steady dose without the med needing to go through the usual metabolic process which affects the level.

I am praying that you get some relief.

Your friend, Dick

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Hi Fran,
I don't know what to tell you but just keep hanging in there. Things are bound to get better in 2007! As for the lymph nodes not showing up on the PET scan, if they were smaller than 1cm and did not "light up", then I would be like OK, well, maybe you had a false negative. But, if they are that big and they did not light up then I would think they are not cancerous. Especially if you did the prep correctly prior to the PET scan, not eating sugar or bread and all that good stuff. Is your CEA normal?
Maybe rather than repeating the scans your doctor could contact the radiologist and have him look at that scan again, and voice your concerns. If the radiologist does not notice any evidence of disease, especially after taking another look at the CT and the PET overlay, then it must be due to some other process going on and not cancer.
I hope that helps you. I am quite sure that any cancer over 1cm in size would show up on a PET.
As for the back problems, I am sorry that you are in pain. I hope that your doctors can come up with a way to control it.
Good luck,
Susan H.

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