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First Colonscopy

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I am asking for your prayers to help me through my VERY FIRST colonscopy ever. It is scheduled for Friday, 12 January 07. I finished chemo on 3 November 06 and have had NO scans or a colonscopy as of yet.

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Dear Nudgie,
Welcome to Colonoscopy City. It is a piece of cake getting it done. Unfortunately, the prep is the hardest part. Most people don't remember the actual colonoscopy, or if they are awake, it isn't too difficult to endure.
Just about everyone on the board here has had at least one (I've had three). It will be over before you know it!

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You got it Nudgie. Don't worry, it will be fine. Monica

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Hi Nudgie,

As everyone will tell you the prep is usually the hardest part. I like SpongeBob's suggestion for using Marguerita mix (sans tequila) but haven't had a chance to try it. If you are awake during the procedure there may be some cramps when they go around the corners but you will get through it. I know your surgery was done on an emergent basis but I'm surprised no scans have been done. Are they planning to do those sometime in the next few months too?


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Hi Nudgie:

Yep, the prep for the colonoscopy is the worst, but you'll get through it, not to worry. I am saying prayers that everything will be okay for you.


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in the past i have used a straw to get the liquid past your tastebuds. it has worked for me very well
good luck
be well
never,ever give up

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Sending you good vibes that everything will be fine. I know my first one in August was a nail biter until it was over. I didn't even have a polyp to speak of! I tried KathiM's ploy of getting it cheaper because of less to scan but they didn't buy it! LOL. HUGS and here is to knowing you will be "all clear"!!

Lisa F.

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No worries Nudgie! I am having my, gee I can't remember how many now, 5th or 6th one next month myself. I will be thinking of you. Really, the prep is the worst part. You will do fine. I still dread them, but mostly because of the prep and the IV.

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