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Looking for answers

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My dad is 54 and feels great his blood pressure started going up so we made him go to the doctor.And they did blood work on him his PSA come back high 20.65 and everything i have been reading isnt good just looking for some information from someone who knows.He feels great wasnt looking for this to come up.He has a Dr. visit Jan 16
Thanks for your time Tracy

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Hi Tracy,
I'm 54. Was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 52. My PSA was 4.0 and I had surgery in Aug 05'
My best advice is learn, learn, learn everything you can about the options available. If your dad chooses surgery, from everythig I have read, the Laproscopic (or robotic) method is the way to go.
Faster recovery and less pain.
I've also heard a number of people mention a Dr. Tawaree (I'm sure I spelled that wrong,lol) as being the best surgeon available. I don't know where he's located but I'm sure some others can help you with that.
It sounds like you and your dad are close enough to discuss this which is a very good thing for both of you.
This website is a great place to gather information but it can get mind boggling. Write stuff down. Don't forget to sit back and inhale once in awhile.
My PSA has risin slightly very recently (a year and a half after surgery) but it's so slight that my doctor isn't taking any action at this point in time. It's kind of a wait and see.
I know I didn't cover too much , but I hope I've been some help. I keep you and you dad in my prayers.

Blessed Be,

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Although this reading is certainly high nothing is for certain at this point. I highly suspect the Dr will sugest your Dad have a biopsy to make a determination of the exact cause. The biopsy will be done through the rectum and will not be extremely painful.

I will keep your Father in my prayers and hope you will keep us updated on what comes from the Doctor's visit.


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My psa was 24 when I was diagnosed at the age of 52 and would gladly talk to your father as to what I have done to keep surviving. Contact me when you have time: angelsnamerica1@aol.com Do not worry or stress about this as having a positive laid back attitude will work wonders.

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Hello Tracy, I'm 52 and had a radical prostatectemy Oct 2004. I was in good health like your father and my PSA went from 8.4 to 13.6 in about six months. A biopsy revealed that I had PC so I went to three specialists in the Boston area where I live. I decided on surgery by Dr. McGovern at Mass General Hospital and I was impressed with his 22 year history of just doing this proceedure. He did nerve sparing and I am doing very well. Two years out, I am doing fine with very livable consequences from the surgery. I feel as though a few small sacrifices are a small price for what my doctor says: "I should expect to live a long life".

I had two biopsies before the cancer was detected. The first was very unpleasant so I requested more medication prior to the second one so that the doctor could do an efficient job at getting the twelve random samples from my prostate. Keep in mind that your dad hasn't been diagnosed with cancer but his high PSA is concerning. Like Roger, I would highly suspect that your dad's doctor will schedule a biopsy. Good luck with everything and keep your spirits up and learn as much as you can. The more you know the better prepared you will be and the more easily you can make all the right decisions if they are needed. I would be happy to correspond with your dad or you if I can be of further support.


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You didn't say if your Dad saw his family doc or a urologist...With a 20 plus PSA he should consult a urologist who can determine the reason for an elavated PSA...Stay positive and learn as much as you can

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Hey he went to his family doctor going to the UR Jan 16.

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My father is 60 years old and has had a clean bill of health. However, in December 06 my father went to his doctor for his yearly physical. That is when we discovered my fathers PSA levels went from 2 to 6. The doctor suggested a biopsy. The biopsy came back positive. So we had to start doing research. At the point of his biopsy we had several indicators 1 - PSA of 6 2- Gleason score of 3+3= 6 and Stage T1, which indicates slow growing PC cancer . Once we digested that information it was a long two week wait for his blood test results, bone and abdomine scan to see if the prostate cancer had spread beyond the prostate. Thankfully, it did not materialize into the bone or organs. We live on the east coast (NY) and did a lot of research on types of surgery (options) and do to my fathers age, stage of pc and health robotic sergory was ideal. So we did a lot of research and found doctor Tawari in NY. We visted him on January 4, 2007 and after his review of my fathers records it appears that the cancer is within the prostate. However, there is a 30% chance that it escaped the prostate to neighboring tissue and nerve cells. If this is that case then more removal of tissue and nerves will have to be removed. However, the doctor said that it is his educated guess it that my father will live a long healthy life. We scheduled the sergory for February and prior to that my father has to get an MRI done of his prosate. The doctor we selected has done 1600 hundred robtic sergory's and continues to do 9 every week. Now we will have to wait and see. I hope everything turns out ok for you dad. If you need any information just email me. This process is very new to me as well. But this webite is a great source of information and the people are great. good luck..

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Dr Tewari is located at Presybertian Hospital in New York or Manhattan island in New York. I had surgery with Dr Tewari July 14,2006 ( see my other post for Post operation with Dr Tewari. late July) He is the premier Doctor and is a great man also. I was continent the day my catheter was removed and have been since. Dr Tewari number is 212 746-5638. I was completely happy with him and would do the same surgery with him again. I traveled from Dallas Texas to see him for surgery. If you have any questions email me directly, I posted my email on my previous posts. Good Luck.

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My dad is self employed he has no health insurance.Do you know if there is any help any where for high risk.He was turned down today for one due to high blood pressure.And we know it is fixing to get really costly.
Thanks Tray

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Tracy, check Costco and Sams. They are selling medical insurance and it suppose to be very inexpensive. Check it out and let me know.

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Thanks for the info well dad went for his first visit we still dont know much.They did an exam on him and said the prostate has some swelling on the left side and they want to do a ultrasound and biopsy on the 29 of jan.So i guess it will be a wait and see game which is awful.The doctor is cutting the cost a little for him since he has no insurance but everything has to be paid for in advance.Thank goodness he has a little saved for rainy days.

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My PC was just diagnosed, PSA of 3.1, Gleason of 6 and stage 2a. Why did you decide to travel so far when Dr Justin Lee at MDA hospital in Arlington, TX has performed about 1000 davinci procedures. How did you decide???

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