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Braccy therapy: Seeds

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On Dec.19 I had radioactive seed implants at Kaiser Permanentes Northern California center in Roseville. I spent only a day in the hospital. I had to have a catheter for 3 days. After 3 days I feel physically fine.
My original analysis was Prostrate 5.4. A Greesan score of 3 + 3. These and a biopsy rated me as T1C.
At present I am delighted with the recovery. I will know more after the next PSA exam.

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Congrats on your results. I wish you continued good health during 2007 and beyond.


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My friend had radiation treatment, including brachytherapy over 2 years ago. For the last four mos., he has been experiencing increasing burning pain at the tip of his penis when he urinates. He said it feels like someone putting a lighter on the tip. Has anyone experienced any longterm sideeffects from radiation or radiation seed implants? His psa is great, but the pain is becoming unbearable.

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