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Stage IV Survivor

Noonie2 Member Posts: 1
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I am new to this. Just wanted to connect with other people. Was diagnosed in May, 2005 with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer w/ mets to liver. Had Surgery to remove tumor in colon in July, 2005. Chemo from Oct. to Feb. 2006 to shrink tumors in liver. Liver re-section surgery in April 2006...had to remove left lobe, section of right lobe, and 80% of my stomach (they called a Gastrointestinal Bypass Surgery). Just wondering if any one else has had to go through all of this. Would love to talk and spread the word of Colon Cancer and survival. I was 40 when diagnosed and had very little syptoms. People need to know how dangerous this disease is and I would like to join the fight!!



  • Patti1
    Patti1 Member Posts: 109
    Please to meet you Noonie2. My husband was diagnosed 1/5/06 also with STage IV Colorectal Cancer with Met to Liver. He had Chemo from Jan-June. In July he had a complete lower resection with permanent colostomy and a liver resection. In Sept he had 29 Rad treatments with Chemo. And this past Tue he started 6 more months of Chemo. On 12/8/06 we got out CT scans back and NED found. Just like you Dennis had very little sign of being ill, a routine colonoscopy picked it up. Please feel to email me with any question. You are in my prayers
  • lynn1222
    lynn1222 Member Posts: 105
    sorry to meet you this way, but so glad to be here for you. i am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor had mets to liver and lungs. diagnosed in feb of 2005 and after chemo,radiation, and surgery, here i am in full remission since feb of 2006, dr. said it couldnt be done and god said it could.i am 39 years old. i am very happy to talk with you anytime if any questions please,please,please, dont hesitate to ask. i am on this site frequently and i check in daily. hope all is well and hope your new year starts out better then the year before.
    your new friend
  • nudgie
    nudgie Member Posts: 1,478
    Welcome to the BEST support group out there. Here you will find friends, support, help and laughs.
  • mikew42
    mikew42 Member Posts: 114
    Hi Noonie,
    I too am a stage 4 CC survivor. I was diagnosed in Feb '05 with 3 mets to liver and 8 of 25 nodes involved. Surgery then 7 months of chemo followed by Radio-Frequancy Ablation in Nov. '05. NED ever since. Welcome to the site and keep us posted. Mike
  • katefm
    katefm Member Posts: 112
    Hi Noonie2-

    Welcome! Wishing you the best. My husband is Stage IV. Diagnosed 9/06, colon surgery two days after diagnosis, and currently in chemo. He's got mets to liver and abdominal wall. He's only 37 - and showed not a single sign until the week he went into the hospital. (He kept eating and the tumor kept sending the food back...) I agree it's a sneaky disease. And it always happens to "someone else" - why would we have any reason to suspect it?

    Best to you-