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Mark (Sunriver) update

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Happy New Year's all! Mark got to come home from the hospital on Christmas Day -- 9 days after going in. He proceeded through the c. diff, pseudomembranous colitis, toxic megacolon, and paralytic ileus -- OK -- now you can Google this mess if you want to! At any rate, the onc who was covering in the hospital said this is the kind of chemo response he seems once every two years or so. Mark's primary onc, who is quite young, had never dealt with it at all! So, don't stress - no one needs to worry about this!
It does appear that four FOLFOX treatments is all Mark is going to have. Given that he is 'only' stage II, we think our odds are just fine. We are going to continue to work on diet and investigate appropriate supplements, and live our lives! Again, Happy New Year's to all, and thank you to all who supported us while we whiled away the hours in the hospital! The food was so good in the cafeteria, and I was so stresed and inactive, that I gained 5 pounds, and that was BEFORE Christmas! Yikes! Thanks again, Kerry

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Oh Kerry! That's excellent news! So he was able to come home Christmas day after all, fantastic!
I am so glad that things have improved for Mark, it sounded a little dicey there for awhile. May God bless you both in the New Year.

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Heather -- thanks for all your help during this! Here's hoping you and Carl have a good New Year as well!
We'll all work to vanquish the beast!

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Hi Kerry -

This is such great news. Wishing you and Mark the best.


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Thanks for checking in Kerry!!!! I think I told you he would be home for Christmas, I felt it in my bones!!!!

Now you 2 just have a wonderful new year and I see great things for you both in 2007 and beyond.

Hugs, Lisa

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Hi Kerry,

What a wonderful way to start the New Year. I am so happy that Mark rounded the curve and is on his way to complete wellness.



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