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How long did it take before you saw results from chemo

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Hi all

I'm just wondering how long folks were on chemotherapy before seeing any results. I had surgey on August 31 to remove the tumor in my colon and I started chemo in October. I have had 5 treatment cycles before my first ct scan. The first day of my cycle is Leucovorin, Avastin, Oxaliplatin and 22 hour infusion pump of 5-FU. The second day is Leucovorin and the 22 hour infusion pump of 5-FU again.

I have stage IV colon cancer with liver and lung metastasis. The ct scan showed all tumors shrinking (minimall) but one tumor on my liver shrunk from 2.0 cm to 1.5 cm. Just wondering if the response time is normal (if there can be any "normal" response time).

The ct scan also showed no new tumors and no growth in the current tumors that are present. Does this seem to be a normal time frame for these types of results? Just wondering what everyone else's experiences have been with ct scan results/time frames.

Thanks for any input. I am trying to look positively at my results, but quite frankly hoped for better.


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Hi Annie,

I am not sure if there is any "normal response time."

But, all tumors shrinking, and no new growth, and no new tumors sounds very GREAT to me!!Congrats!

Keep your chin up, sounds like you are on the right track.


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annie: unfortunately there is no "normal" response..although I agree with Annie..your results should be considered good news-some folks don't get any response through the entire protocol.
It is also important to "think" the tumors out..what you think about, you bring about.Belief is strong medicine..expect a miracle.
no new growth and no tumors is great news, and shrinkage is progress..I would be doing a victory dance..and maybe a little boogie.. bud

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Great news!!!!!! Congrats.

Lisa P.

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i too HAD stage 4 rectal cancer, i had the exact same treatments you are having. i too had mets to my liver and both lungs, i must say i had surgery and started the pump and treatments just as you described. i slowly started seeing a drop in my cea numbers, not that it means alot but i did see it drop consistantly. i did not have new growth or anything with my mets either. it seems like it took quite a while, i want to say about 8 treatments before i really started to see things happening, i was scheduled 12 treatments and i want you to know that after 11 treatments i was in full remission, something they said i would not do. today i have been in remission for 10 nmonths now. it can be done just be paitent. never let anyone tell you it wont happen, bieleve it and it will. i still have weakness to my legs and i do suffer with chemo brain but other then that there is really no other problems left behind. i do have a permenant colostomy, but that is a small price to pay for my life. please keep me posted on your progress, i have a personal web page as well. i know things are difficult right now but my prayers are with you and i will pray for you each and every day.

sending you hugs now

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Annie and Lynn, first congratulations to both of you. That is fabulous news, shrinking tumors and remission. Wow!

I wish my friend Mark had equally good news. His three regimens did not help his rectal cancer that has spread to the liver and lungs. At this point he's on a break from chemo and is working with a nutritionist - a Kushi practitioner to be exact. The last round of chemo made all his hair fall out and all the chemos have had lasting effects of numb feet/hands (he's a bass player so this really sucks), ridiculous fatigue (seems to be getting slightly better), now an endless back pain. I'm happy for the many stage IV's that have been helped but so sad for Mark who only seems to be getting worse with treatments.

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I cannot thank you ENOUGH for this post...I will certainly keep you up to date on my progress. Three more treatments before the next ct scan (which will be a total of 9). You have given me so much hope, and I thank you for that.

Musiclover: I am so sorry about Mark and I will pray for him. I will keep you in my prayers.

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