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After Lung Cancer Removal

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My father just had lung cancer removed one week ago today. Now he's complaining that his feet are sore and has developed a slight skin rash on his chest. I was wondering if anyone has expirenced anything like that after their surgery? Please advise.

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Am happy that your Father was able to have his lung cancer removed.hope everything will go well for all of you..what does his Doctor say about the pain and rash...I know that sometimes there are a few problems when tryng to change.

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Hi. I'm glad your father's surgery was successful. If his feet are sore, he should report that immediately, as it could be a sign of a blood clot(s). My mother has lung cancer and one of the very first things that happened to her was sore feet and legs, and they performed an ultrasound of her legs only after she complained about the pain numerous times. They found a clot in one of her calves.

Since then (a year ago), and despite being on different blood thinners (coumadin and Heparin), she has formed more clots. She found one under her arm 2 weeks ago and is now on a NEW blood thinner (Arixta).

Clots are VERY common in cancer patients. . . so don't let this go!

The rash. . . not sure about that.

Good luck.

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I don't know what is causing your father's rash, but I would definately report it to the surgery team or nurse contacts working with him. I was allergic to Darvon compound given years ago for pain. It is no longer given because of the allergic potential for a large percentage of patients. Other meds can cause allergies too. Even if the rash is no big problem this time, they need to make sure they don't give him a medicine that he is allergic to again in the future. Next time the response could be worse. And of course, many things can cause a rash. Just in case it is something other than an allergic reaction, your doctor needs to know. Good luck!

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