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Inmune vitamins info

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This is what I have been taking for the last year....PDR® Electronic Library
This report is based solely on product labeling as published by Physicians’ Desk Reference ®. Copyright © 2004 Thomson PDR. All rights reserved.
Report generated 11/21/2004 at 08:41 pm
Transfer Factor Plus Capsules(4Life)
*Description: Transfer factors are small peptides of approximately 44 amino acids that "transfer" or have the ability to express cell-mediated immunity from immune donors to non-immune recipients. 4Life™ Transfer Factor™ is derived from colostrum extracts containing antigens. The extraction of Transfer Factor from colostrum is protected by US patent 4,816,563.
Transfer Factor Plus combines Transfer Factor with a proprietary formulation of innate and adaptive immune system enhancers such as Inositol Hexaphosphate, Cordyceps, Beta Glucans, Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms. These ingredients work together to trigger and enhance the various immune protective mechanisms of the body. Clinical studies show that Transfer Factor Plus can increase Natural Killer cell activity up to 248% above baseline.
Summary of Research: In 1949 transfer factors were discovered by Dr. HS Lawrence. Since that time hundreds of studies have been completed involving transfer factors effect on various diseases.
Transfer factors have been shown to be immune modulators effective in providing immune system support for people with cancer, immune disorders and infections. Recent studies completed:
Rak, AV et al. Effectiveness of Transfer Factor (TF) in the Treatment of Osteomyelitis Patients. International Symposium in Moscow 2002, Nov 5-7, 62-63.
Granitov, VM et al. Usage of Transfer Factor Plus in Treatment of HIV - Infected Patients. Russian Journal of HIV, AIDS and Related Problems 2002, 1, 79-80.
Karbysheva, NV et al. Enhanced Transfer Factor in the Complex Treatment of Patients with Opisthorchiasis. International Symposium in Moscow 2002, May, 104-105.
Luikova, SG et al. Transfer Factor in Dermatovenerology. Syberian Journal of Dermatology and Venerology 2002, 3, 34-35.
Directions for Use: Transfer Factor Plus - Take two (2) capsules daily with 8 oz. of fluid.
How Supplied: Transfer Factor is supplied encapsulated, chewable, oral spray, and cream.
Copyright© 2004 Thomson PDR

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I was recently given information and bottles of IP-6/Cellular Forte' and a bottle of Immune FX. I also have two books on the IP-6. Is this similar? Or has anyone taken IP-6 or Immune FX?


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I have been taking Cell Forte brand IP-6 w/ Inositol for about a year now. I take 2 tablets 2x/day. How much have you been told to take? I am sure I could be taking much more than I am. It might be enough for maintenance, but if you are fighting active cancer then you should probably be taking alot but I am not sure how much.
I have not heard of Transfer Factor Plus, but it sounds very interesting, for sure.

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