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CA125 going up

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I had a port flush and CA125 done this week. Unfortunately my ca125 has gone up. But the good news is 29 isn't a bad number. The Avastin had brought my markers down to 10 and we had hoped it would cause everything to stay quiet. My next appointment at the U is at the end of January. I have another port flush just before that and will probably have ca125 done again. On the lighter side; I have hair for Christmas pictures this year, feeling pretty good and looking back at last years pictures look a whole lot healthier. :-) So for now we are not going to even think about what we'll do next and just focus on the holidays, enjoy the time with loved ones and the gift of Christmas.

Pray everyone is well at your house, that the weather hasn't delayed your holiday plans, that the Spirit of Christmas has filled you to overflowing --- and that you are not on Santa's notty list. :-)

Our stockings are hung by the fireplace with care, I still am hoping St Nick comes here. Not for the present but for the joy of knowing the miracles of Christmas are more than a toy.

The joy of a day full of laughter and love, the hope of tomorrows that are yet to come. May the peace of this season and spirit it brings fill all of your days and yes even your dreams.

God Bless You All and Merry Christmas!

Luke 2: 8-10 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."

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Merry Christmas Bonnie! I hope that you are able to find peace and joy with your family over the holidays.

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Thank you once again for bringing strength and inspiration to us all, regardless of how things 'seem to be'. May you and yours have a wonderfully blessed Christmas season, and a joyous and Happy New Year!



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Ditto Monika! Bonnie, I just left you an e-mail before I read this. I am excited about what 2007 has to hold for all of us, it is going to be a great year! God is Faithful!

I had forgotten to ask about the hair Bonnie, If I have 3 months off I don't think my hair will be in, but will doxil cause what does come back to fall out again? Oh well I think my family is getting used to seeing me bald.
Take care and God Bless

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Bonnie, thank you for the Christmas greetings! I was able to meet up with my sister for Christmas Day again this year, so I feel as though I was given a special present (none of my immediate family live close to me).

I hope you're feeling well, and that everything works out in the best way for you in the next year. That is my wish for all of us!

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Bonnie, how are things going for you? I hope this year brings you joy of all kinds beyond measure. Cindy

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Hi Bonnie, This MichaelaMarie, now known as Keelie. The story is that my computer totally crashed and I lost all of my settings with all CSN, so I was no longer able to sign on. After much effort, we finally decided to have me re-register. I had to use a different name, and had to use a different e-mail address. I sent you an e-mail a couple of weeks ago. Did you get it? I'm sorry about your CA-125 going up. Mine went up 2 points in just a month, and I had my test yesterday, and am suppose to see my doctor tomorrow. I have to call the nurse first though, I just can't take waiting for the news in the doctor's office anymore. Well, like you said, 29 isn't really a bad number....it still is in the realm of "normal." But, I so know how you are feeling. I look forward to hearing from you. Remember, I'm now Keelie, but I'm still MichaelaMarie.....ha With joy and gratitude, MM

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