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An Extra Giggle for KathiM, Musiclover and Mark

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Somebody obviously has to keep the North-South CA rivalry going. Here are some giggles for our friends from LA.

From San Francisco with laughter,


Christmas in Los Angeles is always interesting. Seeing carolers dressed in Bermuda horts...groping their way through the smog singing: "It came upon a midnight clear."

Did you hear about the Beverly Hills school Christmas pageant? Two kids dressed as Mary and Joseph and they are on their way to the Inn in Bethlehem. On the other side of the stage, a boy in a shepherd's outfit is on a mobile/ cellular phone, calling for reservations.

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Funny JADot! I try my best never to spend X'mas in L.A. I either get up to Seattle or at least Northern Cali where it is cold and a possible chance of snow (Grass Valley). Christmas in the sunshine is depressing!

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If you are ever up in the SF Bay area, let me know. We should get together and have a mini-palooza.


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Wishing you all the happiness for the holidays and the new year. Thanks for making our Fridays start out with a big smile - even sometimes a belly laugh.

Please let me know when you will be back "home" (Austin).



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I am working on coming to TX! Will keep you posted!

Can't wait to see the wedding pics!

Love to you and your family!

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I don't think that this joke is appropriate. And it is not funny. For somebody it may be a joke, but for others it sounds like an insult on their faith. Nobody should be making jokes out of Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, Mary, etc. Leave them alone.

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Ya know, I read a few things every now and then that should probably be kept within personal emails between friends, but I don't think that Ying ment any sort of insult - well not to anything faith-related. Just my thoughts.
BUT, I was raised a big 'ol 415 (and then 650) brat, and I have to say that I really enjoy a lot of Los Angeles and Orange counties...scary, huh? Funny how we were raised to despise some pretty neat spots (food, architecture...okay, I'll shut up now).
And God knows someone will say something silly about SF - or Mr. Newsom's hair - really soon.
All the best and Happy Holidays - Maura

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I've tried, really I have, but I can't keep from typing this....

If anyone has half a brain, they would know by now that Ying is one of the kindest people there is to know. Her "Friday Giggles" have not only been funny, but also a welcome relief from the seriousness of this disease. I take it personally when someone would think that her intentions were anything but non-offensive.

In defense of my friend,


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She didn't mean any harm at all and her comments were not offensive. Everything was well-intentioned. Maybe people just live with very fragile views of how lots of things can be discussed or mentioned.
Oh well...we are a diverse group; that's for darn sure.
This'll be on the next page soon enough...
Happy Holidays to all...

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