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Bladder spasms after catheter removal

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I had prostate surgery on Dec 5. On Dec 11 the catheter was removed but I started to have bladder spasms and was not able to pass urine.As a result the catheter was reinserted. On Dec 18 the catheter was removed and the same result, except I spent 3 hr in the ER getting the catheter reinserted and getting pain meds for the spasms. HAs anyone had a similar problem. I am scheduled to have the catheter removed on Dec 26. I have been instructed to clamp off the catheter and allow urine to build up and then try to pass the urine and then try to stop the flow to exercise the muscles that control the flow


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i suffered bladder spasms while catheritzed, not after removal. i know your pain, literally. i was given a muscle relaxant,but never experienced any more spasms. good luck

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I now have my catheter replaced for the third time after being unable to urinate on my own.I am hoping that on 07/07/16 when it is removed I will at least be able to urinate normally.

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Skid Row Tom
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Good luck.  The urologist will know, but being unable to urinate (for me) was a sign of scar tissue.  This will have to be removed or your urethra may have to be dilated.  Just another kick in the butt, but hang in there!

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