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Primary Tumour removal

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Your advice please... It is now 9 months after diagnosis of StageIV colon cancer. I have had 6 months of Folfox & Avastin, and with 3 months rest, not bad blood test results, I am off for a colonoscopy to assess me for removal of the Primary tumour in the caecum.... in January.
Who has had this done? What would you recommend? Is this my best chance? I also have Liver and Lung mets.

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I'm only stage 3 but I would say any time they can cut out the tumor it is best to be done. I'm sure there will be lots of people chiming in about this since we have quite a few Stage 4 survivors. Sorry that you are here but so glad you found us. Did the chemo shrink the mets in your liver and lungs? Did you talk to the doctor about if they would also take the mets out? HUGS and good luck.

Lisa F.

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Hi -

I was Stage IV also, but our situations are still different. My primary tumor was in the sigmoid colon and we did surgery two weeks and a day after diagnosis - I was headed for a major blockage if we didn't do the surgery. We then did 6 cycles of Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin after I healed from the surgery. So, your situation is clearly different. But, I can't help but think that getting it out of there is really a good thing. Colon surgery isn't fun, but it isn't hideous either.

If I were you, I wouldn't think twice about it, but rather think "time to get that tumor out of there!" Once it is gone, it is probably gone for good. Then you can deal further with the mets.

Take care and good luck with your decision,

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i agree with the others, getting rid of the primary tumor is very important, i am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor and i did have the primary tumor removed. i then had follow up chemo and i have to say that, i am in remission today because of the surgery, chemo and god. hang in there, remission is just around the corner for you.
god bless you lynn

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I agree with the others. Get that tumor out as soon as you can. My dad's tumor was also in the cecum. His surgery was done laparoscopically. This cut the recovery time in half. At the time of his surgery, my father did not have any mets, however, if there had been, the surgeon suggested removing any liver mets at the same time as the removal of the primary tumor in the colon. Could they possibly do that in your case?

Have you also tried any alternative treatments?

God bless,


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My mom's tumor was also in her cecum. Her situation was different from yours because she had surgery to remove tumor 2 days after it was found. It was causing her alot of pain. She started chemo 3 weeks after surgery. Her cancer did progress, she is stage 4 now, but she is doing very good. She is having surgery in 6 weeks to remove tumor that is on her adrenal gland. I agree with the rest, if at all possible, have the tumor removed. Then you can deal with the mets, or maybe have them removed at the same time??? My mom had her surgery on Thursday and came home from the hospital on Monday. Hope this helps,
God Bless,

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