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Show you love them...MAKE A WILL!!!!!

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I have not been posting lately, because a phone call last Thursday afternoon turned everything upside down! My EX-husband (daughter's dad) was found dead in his room where he was contracted for a computer job. He left without a will, or any other advance directive. My daughter being of limited processing capacity, guess WHO gets to execute the estate.....
All I can say, is if you REALLY love your family....MAKE IT VERY CLEAR what you want, and where everything is....they are going to be emotional enough without having to guess....

Hugs, shaking my head in sadness....

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my dear kathi,
i am so sorry you and your daughter have to go through this at this time of the year. please hug your child for me and know that i am giving you a big hug right now. i couldnt agree with you more in regaurds to the will, i beileve all should have one rather your sick or not.

god bless you and your family at this time, ill be praying for you.

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I'm so very sorry you are having to deal with this! I know the importance of a will, especially when there is a divorce. I made my will immediately after my resection surgery and got everything lined out!! It is important and an important message to convey.

Thanks for bringing it to the forefront.

Merry Christmas,


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You and your daughter are in my prayers. I'm sorry that you are left to deal with everything. I agree with you that a will is a necessity, but would like to add that info on assets and liabilities and your wishes on final arrangements, etc. should be in written form. There are books you can complete to provide this info. Last year my sister-in-law, a professional organizer, gave one of these to each of us. I was diagnosed shortly after that and I completed mine before my surgery this spring. My husband and I have discussed his wishes, but I need to complete his book since I am retired and he isn't. Guess I'd better get busy on it. Joy

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My condolences to you and your daughter.


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I am so sorry Kathi to hear the news,it is very unfair for you and your daughter,I went to an attorney to write my will before going to surgery,even though that my children didn't want me to,but I felt realeased when I didi it. Maybe there is something that you can do legally,I don't know but I am wishing the best of luck. Hugs

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I am so sorry for both you and your daughter. An estate is hard enough to settle with a Will. Also, you just reminded me that I have the name and number of an attorney in my car. I am suppose to call this week. The first attorney seemed to never get around to completing our wills. I gave the infor to him last spring.

Thanks for the reminder to all of us. I wish you the best. You are a strong person.

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this is so important...we all need advance directives & a durable power for health care, a will, and a letter of instruction outlining your wishes.. otherwise, the government will settle your estate, and likely take it.. Bud

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