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Stage 4th NSLC cont. - Good news to share with you

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My dad was diagonsed with NSLC in the end of September in China. He has gone through 3 chemo and 1 radiation since then. Last week, he had another CT and the doctor said he could not find the tumor in his lung. I still could not believe it although I pray a lot for this result. I am so afraid that the doctor or the film made mistake. He is going to see his doctor tomorrow to get more information. Do you guys know what it means "disappear"? Will it come back? He has lots of spots in his spine. Will bones responds to chemo too? By the way, he is taking a lots of herbs too.

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That is great news. I also took a lot of supplements and herbs. Do you know which herbs your dad took. I would be interested in knowing. I think they can make a difference.

Stay positive,


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I read your story both here and in the other site. You give me a lot of encouragement. I bought a lot of supplements based on your food list you posted in LC Community site. But kind of concerned about overtaking. My dad eats a lot of protein based foods such as fish(wild raised). He also takes herbs which I do not know their English names. Some are tree roots and leaves. One of them is called "Winter is a worm, Summer is a grass" in Chinese language. They grow up only in Tibet mountains. I need to do more research to find out their English names. I will let you know.

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Hi Susan.
Thank you for sharing the great news about your father!
Sometimes we receive news that is "too good to be true", and we continue to worry. With some cancer patients, survivors and caregivers, there is a paranoia that develops, about the cancer coming back, or developing in another part of the body. That, of course, is natural, but please don't get caught up in that trap. Enjoy the good news. Take it day to day, have confidence in your father's doctors, and be happy.

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