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Has anyone taken Xelox instead of FOLFOX

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Hi All,
Question. My husband starts chemo on the 3rd of January. Was researching and found an article of a phase III trail that says Xelox is as effective in delaying disease progression as FLOXFOX-4. Do you think this could be an option for my husband (dx stage II perforated the wall of colon). It just seems it would be so much easier to handle (ie less missed work for infusions). I don't know if something is phase III is an option for patients. It says study will be submitted for presentation at future major medical meetings. I do know that it is licensed in the US. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about it before I call the doc for my husband. Thanks Sandy

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I took Xelox for about 4 months. It was successful and easy to take. It shrunk all my spots (in the nodes) and resolved many. My only problem with Xelox is that is caused my liver functions to elevate. For that reason the doctor took me off.

I had no sickness on Xelox but did have neuropathy in hands and feet (mild though). Remember that cold is particularly rough on those taking Xelox. Everything eaten must be room temp or warm and you cannot touch anything cold without getting zingers. So I wore gloves quite often.

Best of luck to you and your husband.


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I was on Xeloda/Oxaliplatin for 8 months. I found that the Oxaliplatin was the most annoying in that it caused neuropathy and extreme sensitivity to cold (even room temperature was cold for me). They had to stop the Oxaliplatin once it started causing my throat to close up soon after infusion. The Xeloda pills were fine, they just tuckered me out the first week, but I was fine the following two weeks. Oh, they did cause my feet to start peeling and my toes to turn black. However, remember that everyone reacts differently. Someone I know had extreme nausea and I had none.

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Hi Sandy -

Xeloda plus oxaliplatin is a pretty common alternative to 5FU plus oxy. Very typical for Stage IV patients (though 5FU is also very common). The trial you found is probably related to its use in lower stages. But, know this is not an "experimental" drug. It is metabolized by the liver into 5FU and is clearly more convenient than the 5FU pump. Ask your oncologist questions. (By the way I was on Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin for Stage IV disease and have been NED since the second treatment.) As someone mentioned, the oxaliplatin is the worst of the bunch in terms of side effects, and that is the same whether you choose Xelox or Folfox.

Take care,

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Thanks for your input. Sandy

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