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Indiana Study? Eli Lilly?

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Hi all,

If you all recall, my dad is the one whose PSA a few months after 6 months of Taxotere was at 62, and the doctor did not do anything for a few more months even after it was discovered the PSA was way back up. Finally, in November, he started a new round of chemo with a drug that begins with a "P" but I cannot remember the name. Doesn't matter anyway, because it too appears not to be working. I know from our prior experience that PSAs spike initally into chemo, but his PSA continues to go up and is now in the 500s. My Dad is going to give it one more round, and if the numbers are still going up by the end of December or early Jan, he is going to leave his doctor. I thought he should have done it long ago, but he had to come to this decision on his own. We are in MN, but we have not heard of anything really new or specialized about the Mayo when it comes to PC. He had me research MD Anderson and Hutchinson, but a friend of his said that Eli Lilly was doing research on a cutting edge drug for advanced PC in Indiana. Has anyone heard of what Eli Lilly is up to and anything about the studies in Indiana?

Anyone getting treated at Mayo or have any other info?

My dad is fighting this very hard. He just lost his brother to liver cancer (5 weeks after diagnosis), and it has renewed his resolve to fight.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

Duke's kid

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Another appoach would be hormonal medication like Luprone or Zododex and Casodex...You can get information by googeling on the internet..It can slow the progression of the cancer down...It has been working for me...If your Dad's doctor doesn't consider this approach he should at the least get a second opinion.

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Thanks Stuart. My Dad is doing the hormone thing too. We are waiting for the next PSA results to figure out whether the "stay the course" or move on.

Happy Holidays!

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