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15 yr old from OH

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Hello! I'm 15 & have thyroid cancer. I was diagnosed at 14, just this past July. I wondered if there were any other teens on here. I would love to chat with other people close to my age concerning cancer. I have just finished up radiation and now am just waiting to find out if the cancer is "gone". I won't know until summer of 2007. Feel free to email me if you are a teenage cancer survivor! mt_vballer@yahoo.com

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Just to let you know, you can always do a search of the Personal webpages and contact individuals through the CSN internal email. To do this, click on "personal web pages" on the left hand side of this screen. Enter the criteria you are looking for. If you find someone you would like to contact, you can use the "Send and email" icon straight from their personal web page to send them email. For more information on all of the CSN functions, click on the "help" link at the top of this page.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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Hi! I'm sorry to say I am not a teen, in fact, I am old enough to be your grandmother. My name is Georgy, and I belong to the Thyroid Cancer Survivors Association as well as CSN. I co-moderate a support group and I have access to many other support groups. I have posted on a special website asking for another teen for you to talk to. I will let you know when I find one.
Hope this gives you a little peace of mind. There are many, many, thyroid cancer survivors. We will need to be followed up periodically, but there are tons of us. Thanks, Georgy Stevens

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mt_vballer, I have found you what you are looking for. There are three young people in Ohio who were all diagnosed within a year of each other. They have their own website, www.thykidz.com
and it is well worth looking at. Stephanie Carper is one of them, you can email her at stephaniecarper@aol.com. I am working on more teens for you, I put the word out to our support group moderators so hopefully I can find you more shortly. Hope it helps, and hang in there! Hugs, Georgy Stevens

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Hi, I'm 19 and had cancer when I was 3. It was brain cancer. I had radiation, a bonemarrow transplant, chemo...the nasty stuff. I know it's been months since you posted, so how are you doing? I'm doing ok, waiting to get my finals over with so I can go home for the summer. heh. Let me know if you'd like to chat sometime. So once I hit 20, does that mean I'm not qualified to email? LOL!!! ;)

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I'm 16 and I was diagnosed with a kind of brain cancer in March. I'm doing the chemo bit right now and will move on to radiation soon. Let me know if you wanna talk sometime!

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