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Symptoms b4 diagnosis?

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Looking for info about symptoms anyone had before diagnosis. I've been having problems for a while. Gyn is suggesting colonoscopy while primary doc is suggesting fiber & antispasmodics(sp?) for a few weeks to see if that doesnt't help. I've had a few relatives w/ colon cancer, and also several other types. Thanks for any info.

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What kind of symptoms? how long? any blood in stool?

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I had rectal cancer, so my only symptom was a frequent feeling of having to have a BM, with nothing coming. What's "a while"? Bud touched on some of the colon cancer symptoms. Others might be a change in the shape of the stool, abd discomfort/pain, change in bowel pattern. I agree with Bud. If you are having any GI symptoms...COLONOSCOPY!

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Where do I start??? Had my left ovary removed a couple of years ago due to a benign tumor. Still kept having pain on that same side - nothing shows up. Have gone back and forth between constipation and the runs depending on where at in my cycle for years. Still having pain on left front side and now in my left lower back. Stools have become narrow when they are formed - always at least soft - more often then not the runs - even when I don't go for a few days. No blood. I know I should have gone to the doctor sooner, but my daughter has been sick and we've been trying to figure out what's going on w/her for last few months. Sorry if I was too graphic, but I guess when you're discussing these things it's kind of hard not to be! :)

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COLONOSCOPY!! Now! I had NO symptoms except fatigue.....


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You can never be too graphic here when describing GI symptoms. We've almost all been there, done that. I feel even more strongly that you should get that colo.

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My husband symptoms were Vomiting after eating, Lower stomach cramping that hurt really bad, Blood in stool sometimes he also lost 45 pounds in just 5 months without trying. He went for a COLONOSCOPY and they found a tumor in his sigmoid and couldn't get passed that area because of the size of the tumor.

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Not to scare you but COLONSCOPY! This could be one of many things but you can't be sure without this test. My son was having some of these symptons and had several poylps. One large one. Doctor removed them but said if they had been left unchecked, would have developed into cancer within two years. Son is only 29.

You need this test to determine the cause of problems. If cancer, then you need to begin care ASAP and if not cancer, your peace of mind will be worth the time and allow doctor to search for true cause of problems. You have nothing to loose but having the colonscopy except a day of eating.

We will be waiting to hear the results of your test and all the best to you.

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I agree with the others. My oncologist told me that even CT scans usually don't pick up tumors in the bowel unless they are larger then 2 CM. The best and most accurate way to check for colorectal issues is the colonoscopy. As far as your BMs go, it sounds to me like you might be allergic or very sentitive to something in your diet (like lactose intolerance, gluten sensitivities or another one).

I had similiar symptoms many years ago and testing found nothing. I was put on a bland diet and slowly added things back into my diet. Milk came first and I was fine, then iced tea and it hit me right away. Turns out I am allergic to tannic acid that is in most teas, coffee, and red wine. I avoid them all now but can tell if someone cooks with any of the above.

Keep us posted and have the colonoscopy for your daughter if you won't do it for yourself!!!!!! keep us posted.

Lisa P.

PS. No symptoms for me either and I was stage IV and too young for insurance to cover a colonoscopy.

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I am a young cancer survivor (diagnosed the day after I turned 27 with stage III). My only symptom was blood after having a bm. Many doctors passed me along (others too). Not worth the risk, especially if you already have one doc telling you to get one. The colonoscopy is the only way to be certain of what is going on especially with things going on and having family history (which should kick in the insurance). By all means, increase your fiber intake as well.... and LOTS and LOTS and Lots of water. Did I mention water?

After having my sigmoid colon removed, I get very constipated and have skinny stools if I don't eat enough fruits and veggies. If you are on a pain med for your previous surgery, this might be the problem as well, but again, only the scope can tell (make sure it is a full colonoscopy and not just a sigmoid too).

Let us know how things go.


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I was told there was no way I had cancer by 2 doctors because I am only 32. I had problems for over a year before I went to the doctor. I have rectal cancer so I always had an urge to go to the bathroom (I thought I was constipated). I also passed some blood, but had been diagnosed with hemmorhoids so I dismissed it for a long time. I also had fatigue and generally didn't feel "right". What finally took me to the Dr. was severe leg cramping at night (severe anemia due to blood loss). Dr. finally did a Colonoscopy (only way to be sure). GI dr. found my tumor immediately. I also had weight loss (75 pounds in a year, however I was actively dieting). Ate a high fiber diet thinking constipation was the problem. Colonoscopy is the only way to be completely sure!!!!

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I'm 36. I haven't had any weight loss, I've actually gained weight. Since everything started w/ my ovary a few years ago - I've gone from ~ 120 to 150 lbs. I don't eat a lot, don't eat junk food. I don't get much actual excercise(some walking), but I'm constantly on the go between 5 kids and 2 dogs! I will have the colonoscopy done -after the 1st of the year I don't have to get referrals anymore! Woohoo! Thank you all for your responses!

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