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Hiya all. I am only home for the weekend and wanted to take this moment to wish you all the very best for XMAS before I travel away again to work.Jen and I both hope that XMAS is a happy time for you all.We sincerely want you all to have a safe and healthy new year.There are so many of you that are still fighting the demon and we hope that you continue to have faith and do not lose hope....you can beat this horrid disease.....BELIEVE.
To all of you that have helped make 2006 a better year for us...we thank you.
We are both healthy. Sadly another scourge is upon us here in oz.....bushfires are raging across our country and lives and homes have been lost. Jen and I are both involved in the firefighting organisations, helping in our own way to combat this menace.
We hope that 2007 will be safe for everyone and that all of our friends here on CSN will find the road to a healthier life without cancer.
Huggs to you all,
Ross and Jen


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    Ross & Jen -

    Merry Christmas, mates!

    - Bob
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    So good to hear from you!
    So sorry to hear about the bush fires. I hope the that the fight with them is over soon and no more lives are lost.
    Merry Christmas to you. Hope your new year is filled with health and happiness for both of you.
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    Merry Christmas to you too, Ross and Jen.
    Be safe in the fires.

    Hugs, Russell
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    Hi Ross and Jen,
    Have a happy safe and healthy one guys,Ron.
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    Merry Christmas Ross, Jen, & Family!
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    Merry Christmas Ross, Jen, & Family!

    Happy christams Ross and Jen and a healthy, prosperous and exciting new year.