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Following this natural approach. I've been successful in cutting sugar in my diet and hadn't felt overly deprived (giving up cheese and potato chips is a whole 'nother story). However, with this holiday season, I'm feeling very deprived. Candy, cookies, goodies all over the place (except my house). I've done the whole "my body is happier this way". Which has worked (pretty much) til this holiday season! How do I feel less deprived!?!

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I totally agree with babs. I think it is perfectly allowable to treat yourself occasionally. You deserve it.


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Thanks for your replies. I'm afraid if i have one I won't stop! The ironic thing is that I never was much for sweets until I started chemo!

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My husband has colon cancer and is taking chemotherapy (Avastin and Camptosar). He was diagnosed in May 2006. He took Xeloda for four months but a recent petscan showed some spots and we have now changed to the the Avastin and Camptosar. So far he is tolerating it well. I've seen references on this board to the need to cut sugar. The doctors haven't told us to do that. Can someone fill me in on the merits of cutting sugar? Also, does cutting sugar mean that one also cuts out fresh fruits? Because my husband also has some heart issues, we have been on the low fat Ornish diet for five months with good results. That diet permits fresh fruits, discourages a lot of sugar and stresses the elimination of all added oils.



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Here is how I handle it. I have been working out extremely hard. I work out on my eliptical 5 days a week (sometimes more) on the hardest program for 1 hour and 15 minutes (burn roughly 1500 calories by the built-in counter. In combination, I go to 1 hour of aerobics 3 days a week. I also run through my pilates tape (1 hour) at least once a week. I also rotate and target certain areas of body, powerhouse, legs, and so on each day. If I allow myself a treat, I limit it to 1 cookie, or share a piece of cake with one or more of the girls. Then, I just work another 15 minutes on the eliptical to burn the sugar. That's how I justify eating the not so good stuff once in a while.

I am going to start a new thread for Hatshepsut :)


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I can so relate. I love chocolate and can't give it up. I have found some dark chocolate buttons from Whole Foods that helps me curb the cravings. They have minimal sugar but all the good stuff dark chocolate provides for cholesterol and blood pressure.

AND, do allow yourself a treat every once in while of you will binge!!!!! A few spoons of ice cream (or frozen yogurt) 1-2 nights a week will keep you from eating a half gallon in one sitting.

Lisa P.

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hi Mary!

ain't that the truth!

Sometimes you just have to feed your soul too. I'm with you though, it's hard to stop at one so I put them in the freezer and just take one as a treat. (or course it's organic, whole grain, full of fiber and sweetened with barley malt)(I get them at my coop). Other times if i just have to have some icecream I make a banana smoothie so thick it's a shake.

I frozen banana
1 cup soy milk (or rice milk or almond milk or just plain water works too)
1 scoop protein powder
1 T flax oil (or cod liver oil)
1 scoop green powder
1 T fair trade organic cocoa (or more)

This is sooooo yum and it takes care of the sweet cravings.

I also get grain sweetened dark chocolate chips from the coop made by Sunspire so if the need is a chocolate fix then this is the best for me (I cannot have ANY sugar due to hypoglycemia and migraines) (well chocolate is a no no too but like I said, sometimes you have to feed the soul too).

Thankfully I am not feeling deprived this season because my oldest son is experiencing hypoglycemia and in solidarity to him and his new regime (getting him off sugar is a miracle to behold!)(and alcohol), I have been cleaning up my sloppy habits too.

So find something that, like my whole grain cookies from the coop, to help you to feel you're not deprived.

peace, emily

ps. I read that some of the worse things for colon cancer are potato chips (and french fries) and they even listed some of the worst to not as bad. (I loved chips)

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