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From Vinny1

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It says Ginny5 but actually I'm Vinny1, for some reason I have not been able to log on with my old name and password. My husband had his operation for rectal cancer Dec. 7th. Things could not have gone better. The illiac enlarged lymph node that I worried about for 4 months was benign. Just waiting for pathology to come back on all the rest - anxious. He was diagnosed before the operation as a Stage II (T3) but the MRI picked up multiple enlarged lymph nodes, so we will see. I have been reading all the news even though I haven't logged on.

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I'm confused..is dick your husband-(vinny)or is this just a coincidence? bud

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No, you're thinking of Ginny3.

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To clarify. We are not related. My login name (vinny3) is because my cat is named Vinny. I wasn't aware of any other vinnys on the site when I picked it.


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I'm glad your husband is doing good after his operation. Here's to the other lymph nodes being benign also! HUGS and tell us when you get the news.

Lisa F.

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