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Sister's PET Scan Results

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I posted below (Debbys) about my sister being diagnosed with lung cancer. She now has her PET scan results today. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes in the neck, in her right chest wall and in the right adrenal gland.
The dr. is starting her on chemo 1x weekly and radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The chemo is one that starts with a C and taxol.
I am very concerned.

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Yes, it is very distrssing to hear that the cancer has spread but as our oncologist has said..the chemo will do it's thing whether there is just one spot or many...make sure she gets lots of rest and drinks plenty of fluids to help with the chemo,,let us know how everyhting is going.

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I'm thinking of you and your sister, and wishing her the very best with her treatment. When my Mom was diagnosed, she already had a malignant pleural effusion, indicating that the cancer had spread to the lining of her lung (and therefore, was in contact with her chest wall, which made her "inoperable"). My Mom just passed the 1 year anniversary of her diagnosis, and if I had paid attention to the "odds" and all the statistics about malignant pleural effusion, I wouldn't have believed that we'd have another Christmas with her. Last year at this time, I was in a pretty scary place thinking that it would be our last Christmas. And look! We'll have this year. And maybe next year too.

You're in that scary, new place right now. Try to have faith that she will tolerate her treatment well and respond to it. Enjoy her and don't look too far in the future. No good can come of it. . . just be positive and live in the here and now. Take care of yourself (and her) during this holiday season. My best to you.

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Hi, please don't give up. I had lung cancer 8 yrs ago. I had a lobectomy, chemo (taxol and carboplatin) and zofran(anti-nausea.I also had radiation. I had lymph node involvement in my neck and also a spread in my chest. Here I am, over 8 years later. I am not the only one, there are other survivors out there. Good luck!!! Karen

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Each time and everytime I read these survivor stories I get so filled with emotion and I wish I could meet everyone who was given terrible odds and is here to talk about it 8 years later.. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer last month and I was told she had 6-12 months to live.. You all give me so much hope and promise!! Thank you for sharing!!

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In July 2006 I had a lobectomy (removal of the upper left lobe) that showed the cancer may have spread to the lining and may have involved the lymphatic system (not the lymph nodes). I went through 4 treatments of Carboplatin (sp?) and Taxol. Whew! what a ride that was. I just had a clean CT except for the enlarged thyroid and mild emphysema. At this point I think I am more worried about the emphysema than the lung cancer....On 12-27 I see a radiation oncologist to start radiation for completely unrelated breast cancer....Its been a tough year but I have made it through it and look forward to many more years.

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Best of luck to you!!! Just keep that positive attitude and I am sure you will do great. I have emphysema too and am doing great. Karen

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I also was diagnosed with cancer in my right lung. I had a lung and a half rempved and am now doing the chemo which is the taxol and radiation. I have not had any bad results except some mild nausea and occasssional vomiting. But i have lost my hair i was also so afraid now i am fine with the treatments as long as it gets rid of the cancer good luck with you sister

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