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ct results

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Well..like I mentioned before, they are "stable" Dr. said that it doesnt mean that they are dying.he said that its been only 2 months.. but the good news is that my cea it's at 4.8 now..a dropped from 7.5...so I am happy...
God bless u all

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Stable results are great for only 2 months. Our oncologist said that we should be thrilled with stabilization after only 2 months of treatment. I hope you are encouraged - you're stopping it in it's tracks!


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So they aren't dying - YET! - but they aren't growing. That's a battle win in my book. Keep singing that dragon's ***, you've got him on the run.

- SB

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Hey, Ileana, between no growth and dropping cea, sounds like something to be happy about. Keep up the good work; stay strong and focused. Judy

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great news- celebrate..

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Wonderful news for you..I am happy for you. Audrey

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That is great news!!! Keep doing what you've been doing. It has obviously been working!!!


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Bullshit they aren't dying. Your CEA would not be dropping if they weren't and the docs would never know unless they do surgery or a biopsy. YGG.......you go girl!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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That is great news for two months. Stopping growth is the first step toward killing these evil cells. Keep positive thoughts. sounds like you are heading in the right direction.


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Great news. I was upset when they told my my tumours had been stable since I was dx'd in December 2005 (small shrinkage at the beginning of chemo while I was on Avastin but then they had to remove Avastin as it has wound healing limitations and I had just had two surgeries within the three months prior to starting chemo). Then I realized, "stable!, this means NO GROWTH in 8 months", that could only be good news. I am now on a different chemo (5FU, Leucovorin, Iritonecan(sp), and Avastin. Maybe this will be the right regimen. Stable is good. Lower cea makes it even better. Monica

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It all sounds good to me! COngrats.

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Good news lleana, You hang in there and win this battle. We will be there with you in thoughts and prayer.

Hugs, Russell

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Anytime the spots don't get larger and the CEA is going down it is good news. If the cancer cells are dying it takes awhile for the mass they form to start shrinking.



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Hi Ileana,

This is good news and you should treat it that way. Like the others said you have it stopped in its tracks! Happy Dance!!!

Lisa F.

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