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Colon Prep Question

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I know this was discussed and posted awhile ago, but I guess I am too lazy to look back, but yesterday I saw my surgeon to discuss the dates for my pre-op colonoscopy and CT Scan along with the date for reconnecting my colon. Tentatively scheduled my colonoscopy for 29 Dec, but can't due to schedule conflicts, but wanted to know if anyone has taken the prep he suggests? Keep in mind that I can request a different prep if this is the one that was discussed before as being bad.

Fleets Phospho Soda Drinks (1.5 ounces). You take one three times during the prep day, which is the day before; 1:00pm, 4:00pm & 7:00pm., and you are on a liquid clear diet during this prep.

Thanks for reading and responding.

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nudgie -

I do the Fleet's cocktail annually (that's with 2 "n"s and a "u" - as in every year, not the other word that looks similar!)

Here's what I do:

1. Stick the Fleets in the freezer for a few hours (don't worry, it will not freeze)

2. Stick some Jose Cuervo margarita mix in the fridge for a couple hours (probably best to leave the tequilla out this go-round).

3. When you're ready, mix the margarita mix and the Fleet's 50:50 (or 1:1 if you're a math purist).

4. Slam it down!

I also like to wear a big sombrero and listen to Mariachi music when I do it to get that whole Mexico ambiance - and of course to complete the Mexican scenario, I end-up with Montezuma's Revenge. Perfect; a trip to Tijuana without the airfare or Customs declaration!


- SpongeBob

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Believe me I would LOVE to use your cocktail, but I don't think my Doctor would appreciate or the drug to put me under agree with it.

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Like I said, leave the tequilla out. The mix is non-alcoholic and is not a forbidden color. Seriously this is the mix I use every time I have a scope.

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Nudgie -

I do the Fleet prep, but my doctors only ask me to drink 2 1.5 oz bottles, not 3. It cleans me out really good - I don't even want to think about a 3rd bottle of the stuff. You might ask about this.

By the way, drink lots and lots of water. (And if you don't want to go the margarita route, you can slug it down pretty easily with a half a glass of gingerale.

Good luck,

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I had the same stuff but also believe it was just two bottles. The main problem I had was that it was a mix of salty and sickening sweet tastes. Had difficulty getting it all down but didn't mix it like the others (perhaps if I used the tequila too it would be better lol).


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I just had a colonoscopy (my first) a week ago. I had two of the little Fleet's bottles -- one the evening before, one the morning of. I made orange jello with orange juice and would take a slug of the stuff and then a big spoonful of the jello. As long as one followed the other, it wasn't too awful. However -- once they mixed in my mouth and that was disgusting! I'd try that, or Sponge Bob's margarita idea. As long as it is clear, and not red or purple it seems you can have it! Oh, I also used the straw trick -- and that did seem to help as well!

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I had a sope on Monday. They were trying to make me go the full 3 litre mix ,claimed the fleet prep wasn't as effective and could cause kidney problems. Had the fleet any way always dicey but it usually goes down after the fourth bounce. I wash each bottle down with three litres of soda water mixed with lo cal lime (clear)cordial . I had a word with my gi and she agreed to back off on the anaesthetic. I watched the procedure and had a running commentry. The prep had done a really good job and there was no residue. They always say if you want to lose some thing just paint it green and throw it on the grass. Well they paint polyps brown and throw them in your colon. I couldn't pick them until she had the wire looped around them. She was very thorough. I do it all again in two years. Ron.

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It is not great but doable. At least you do not have to consume as much liquid as the go litely and others. I hear they make a pill for that now but you have to take 28 of them and my doc said they are not as good at cleaning as the liquids.

Good luck on the test.

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Nudgie - I haven't taken this particular prep but the nurse had mentioned to me that as long as you were 'vacating' clear, I could stop drinking. I never finished the whole prep bottle and they were still able to do the colonoscopy. Monica

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