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Yee haw!

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Hi Everyone-

I thought I'd share our good news today. On Monday my husband had his first CT scan since diagnosis. We got great news today - all of the tumors have shrunk! We are very excited, needless to say. He's stage IV with more than 5 mets to the liver (one biggie and several smaller ones, plus some tiny ones on his abdominal wall). I'm hoping that we can shrink his tumors enough to consider resection this spring.

Tonight we went out to celebrate - we took a break from our healthy-eating/organic diets and went out for chicken wings and french fries! It was a lovely bit of normal for us.

Truthfully, we needed this. Husband was getting a teensy bit tough to live with - the stress was getting to him. Thusly, it was getting to both of us. It was fun to have a nice night out.

I believe, I believe, I believe! We can beat it!


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I am very happy for you both!!! You deserve to celebrate!!

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hi kate,
great news!!!!
yes you need to celebrate.
and yes you can beat the dragon.
be well
never,ever give up

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I know when KathiM responds she will state: LET'S ALL DUE THE HAPPY NAKED DANCE, so I will do this for all of us.


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Awesome news, Kate! Glad to see you guys treating yourselves to something decadent (who ever thought wings and fries would be considered "decadent"?)


- SB

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Great news Kate. You deserve to have a nite out now and then. Be Blessed and keep the faith.

You Can and Will WIN :)


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Wonderful news Kate. The beast is slinking away.


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I've had a slinky growing up and actually have one of my desk. I love the way you used it, Dick.

Kate, y'all have the ******* cells on the run, keep up the good work.

Lisa P.

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naked dancing over here too !!!!!!!

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yay, kate you and hubby kill the beast. keep the faith . hugs lynn

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Happy dance going on here too! Always nice to hear when someone has the beast on the run. Congrats!

Lisa F.

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