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Stupid Question

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Finished chemo on 3 Nov 06. Began eating cold foods and liquids about 1 month later, 3/4 Dec with no problems and started to eat a lot more salads at lunchtime.

The last couple of days 4 or 5 I have been having really loose bowel movements (colomsoty) and thought maybe it was from eating the salads and yogurt again.

What do you guys think and should I be worried?


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Shelly, I hope things are going well for you during the holidays, and Merry Xmas.

No question is stupid, only the ones not asked.

I do not have a colomsoty but afrter almost 2 years I still have very loose stools, no matter what I eat, and I go a lot but just a little when I go. Doc says it is from radiation and chemo but will eventually get better, So I guess I am saying not to worry.

Be Blessed, Russell

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Hi Shelly,

I wouldn't be too worried. It most likely is dietary. If it continues you may need to start eliminating the foods that you are eating now, one by one, compared to what you were eating before this started.


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Could you be lactose intolerant?

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