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this system sucks...can't read or reply....

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Bah, humbug! Good news, Ebenezer, they are about to begin beta testing the "new" CSN!

Honest, Bud, i haven't been having any real problems lately - even when I sign in from my office which features the latest 56K dial-ip modem the taxpayer's money can buy. Are you sure it's the CSN system and not your ISP or your own computer?

God bless us all every one

- Tiny SpongeBob

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Hey nan, Hope all is well with you.

Maybe its something on your puter. Once I get logged on the site seems to work well. But it is a bugger to log on. I "dumno" lol Have a great Xmas.

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Hi Bud,

You may want to check out your computer. There may be a setting that is preventing a good interaction. I have no problem except for the initial delay when it is asking to wait 5 seconds (is longer) and shifts then to the site.

Have a wonderful Xmas.


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Hi Bud,
Hope you get this figured out; I have had problems in the past with trying to post and not getting back to the boards, but that was fixed a while ago. It is SSOOOOOOO frustrating. Maybe Jose has some ideas on what to check in your computer?
Good luck, Judy

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